You will need
  • - Shovel,
  • - fertilizers,
  • - rotted manure,
  • - pegs.
Raspberries are best transplanted in early August or late July, after harvesting early potatoes, onions and tomatoes. Dig the pit width of about 60х50 inches and a depth of 50 centimeters, the distance between which shall not be less than 60 cm between rows – 130 cm
Within each pit lay a bucket of rotted manure. Carefully seal and close the upper layer of the pit with earth, mixed with mineral fertilizers: 80 grams of ash or 10 grams of potassium salt and 40 grams of ammonium phosphate. This soiled mixture cover with a 10 cm layer of the soil.
Transplant raspberries you will need a strong root sprouts that come from the Bush raspberries, and they will be planting. If to transplant raspberries in late autumn, she may not be able to take root and freeze in the winter.
You are now ready to transplant suckers of raspberries. Carefully dig up the shoots with root system and transplant in a prepared, fertilized holes. Then trim the tops of the plants at 10 inches and tie to the pegs.
Pour every Bush raspberries, 6-8 liters each. In the next couple of days multiroute area planted with raspberries fresh rabbit droppings and the lack of rain watering the bushes through a nozzle. Be careful that the soil doesn't dry out, and was constantly wet. Thanks to this transplant, raspberry well and will settle in quickly.
Before the frost gently okucia all the raspberry bushes so that not to damage the roots. Remove weeds regularly and water the raspberries, then it will please you with a rich harvest.