When and how to plant

Follow raspberries have from the first days of its planting. For example, it needs to be put in the "right" place. Remember that raspberry loves light, so consider in advance its position, or in the shadows she starts to reach for the sun, and that, as a rule, can seriously affect the amount of harvest. Also raspberry, common and remontant, likes fertile, well-moistened soil, prior to planting raspberries need to be cleaned from weeds and feed the soil with fertilizers.
The best for planting raspberry time – autumn: late September – early October. Holes for seedlings shall be 30x30 cm, the distance between the bushes – not less than 0.5 m, between rows – not less than 1,5 m. you Plant a raspberry Bush, liberally pour the warm water over mulch and humus. For this purpose you can use sawdust. At a distance of 20-25 cm from the ground cut each seedling.

Protection from pests

Growing raspberries involves not only the planting of plants, but care – planting, fertilizing, processing.
To protect your plants from pests, the first year it is useful to fill the aisles, garlic, onions. Well, then there will be only time to remove the weeds.

To raspberry not sick and hasn't been attacked by pests it is necessary twice a year – in spring before flowering and in autumn after harvest – treated with Malathion. It is cultivated in the proportion of 75 g per bucket of water. Shoots treated with the prepared solution using a spray or the old grandfather's way – herbal broom.

Raspberry can tolerate frost, but still during the winter it can freeze the cuttings. In the spring they will need to cut to live wood with the developed kidneys. We also need to get rid of the old, stiff, shoots. Thinning subject and two year old shoots. They must be removed by the root. Large shoots are also cut, leaving above ground branches with a length of about five feet. And in June, when raspberries are will get stronger and gain strength, you need primanti its apex. This simple technique will significantly increase the harvest in the coming year.

What to feed raspberries

Don't forget to feed plants with fertilizers. Raspberry loves humus, phosphate, potash, compost. For this purpose, suitable dry poultry manure, fermented herbal infusion, infusion of mullein. It is recommended to make them every year. The most successful for feeding time - before weeding and loosening of soil.

Unable to do otherwise. Before each feeding liberally pour raspberry Bush, under every plant should pour at least a bucket of water. And the next day you will need to make fertilizer. Usually, one package, weighing 100 g, is diluted to one bucket of water. After a liter and a half of the prepared solution is added to one bucket of water and this composition is watering.
Remote dry and old stems can be burned and then used as fertilizer.

A big role in getting a good harvest plays a timely and sufficient watering. The ground beneath bushes should be soaked for about a bayonet spade.

Preparing for winter

In the fall after harvest, raspberries have to prepare for winter. You first need a little "powder" ash branches and the roots. This is necessary to ensure Malin extra food and to protect the plant from pests that often hide at the roots. After processing the stems need to tie them in small bunches and bend to the ground. Branches should be fairly low, so that in winter they were completely covered with snow. So for reliability, gently hold the branch boards, poles.

Raspberry for health and beauty

Raspberries, jam made from them, is an excellent prevention of respiratory diseases. Branches and leaves of raspberry brewed as a tea and used to treat coughs, colds, and fill the body with vitamins.

Jam allows Malin to retain all its vitamins and the healing properties of the berries, cooked according to this recipe, almost not subjected to heat treatment.

To prepare this raspberry jam is easy. Carefully sort the berries, wash them under running water, place in plastic kitchenware and in good and small grains, mash raspberries with a wooden spoon. Then prepare the sugar syrup.

For it you need sugar in two times more than raspberries. Add in sugar a little water (one kilo half a Cup liquid) and dissolve it on low heat. When the syrup boils, add the pureed raspberries and mix thoroughly. And quickly remove the jam from heat. Now you need to put crockery with raspberries in a dark place for three days, stirring occasionally to prevent fermentation. Three days later, put the jam into jars and close. It must be stored in a cool place – the refrigerator, cellar or basement.
An infusion of raspberry leaves can replace beauty tonic and face lotion. And mask of the raspberries perfectly nourish. moisturizes and nourishes the skin with vitamins.

A tea made from the dried leaves of raspberry, helps women to solve a number of gynecological diseases, improve functioning of the intestines and uterus, normalizes the function of the kidneys and even struggling with diarrhea. In addition, raspberry helps to reduce temperature and also recommended for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the prevention of atherosclerosis, anemia, hypertension.