If you need to buy clothes for a newborn, focuses primarily on the growth of the baby. Some parents buy everything you need in advance and choose the clothes of the smallest size. You should not do that. In advance, purchase only the Essentials, preferring clothing that is designed for the average parameters of newborns.
On most models, vests, pants, jumpsuits and other clothes for kids is marked with size, which means the growth of the child. The smallest size is 52. It is necessary only in very rare cases. For example, the clothes of this size will be suitable for infants who were born premature or very tiny babies. Their growth at birth, as a rule, is not more than 50 centimeters.
If the growth of the baby at birth was 52-54 cm buy for him for the first time clothing size 56. Don't buy too much. Remember that in the first months of life the baby is growing very fast. After 1-2 months of wear he will be small and you will have to buy blouses, pants, overalls a size larger.
If the baby was born large, and growth at discharge was 57 centimeters or more, choose clothes 62 size. She will have a newborn fit. When the baby is a little older, he'll need clothes 74 size.
In the selection of jackets and vests pay attention not only on length but also on other parameters. For example, well-fed baby does not get too narrow in the model. Choosing hats and bonnets, focus on the value of the circumference of the baby head.
The clothes produced in certain countries, is marked indicating the age of the baby who will approach a particular product. For a newborn get clothes for children from 0 to 3 months.
Buy warm clothes to grow into. Demi-season or winter overalls-transformers for newborns, for example, have a uniform size. They can be worn from birth until the baby growth is 86 cm.