The sowing time of tomato seedlings depend on how you plan to grow them in open field or protected, i.e. the greenhouse. For open ground, the optimal planting time is late March — early April. And respectively for growing tomatoes in the greenhouse you need to plant the plants a little earlier, in the early to mid — March.
Another important factor to consider when sowing seeds, is the period of fruit ripening. There are early, mid and late varieties and hybrids of tomatoes. To get an earlier crop, sow early-ripening varieties of tomatoes, when it must be done a little sooner than other varieties of tomatoes.
Optimum age of seedlings for planting in the ground 60 to 65 days. During this time plants have to ramp up sufficient herbage, stem become stronger.
When growing tomatoes in greenhouses, seedlings, you can start planting in the greenhouse in early may, provided that the soil is sufficiently warmed.
2 weeks prior to planting, the soil in the greenhouse you need to prepare. Dig up the soil and make it humus, urea, superphosphate, potassium chloride.
Dig the hole, pour them. Remove the tomato seedlings from the pots in which it is grown. Tear off the bottom leaves and position the plant in the hole and backfill with soil. If the seedlings are too stretched, raise it obliquely, leaving on the surface 3-4 of the sheet.
In may there are night frosts. The weather for the day is often cool. To protect the tomatoes in the greenhouse, cover them with a layer of nonwoven material. It can be removed at the end of may — beginning of June, when warm weather will be established.
When growing tomatoes outdoors, they are planted in the first week of June. Planting should be done on a cloudy day in the morning or evening in the same way as in the greenhouse.
It so happens that the tomato plants not getting enough light and nutrients. It begins to extend. Plants getting crowded on the windowsill. In this case, you can make a hotbed. This is the frame of bars, which is covered with film.
A hotbed of tomatoes can be planted in mid-may. In case of possible frost should be covered with rags, old carpets, paths and so on, i.e. all those that are on hand. In the open ground plants from the nursery should be planted in early June.