At the end of March – beginning of April you need to put the seedling into the soil. Caring for it is simple: separated by water, watering, fertilizing fertilizers. Seedlings also need to "temper": to make the light (e.g. on a balcony) in the afternoon.After the seedlings grow, it is necessary to transplant into the ground. Wrap the tomatoes planted in mid-may, and in the open ground in June (that averted the threat of frost). Disembarkation time depends on the climatic conditions. Determining the sign of the planted seedlings are blooming flowers on the first brush. When buying tomatoes, you should pay attention to the height of the stem and its color: it should be about 20 cm with dark green leaves. It is better to buy seedlings grown in peat pots.In the autumn it is necessary to prepare the site for future tomatoes: to dig the earth, to make peat and compost. Shortly before landing to fix complex fertilizer. Before you can plant tomatoes, they should be watered abundantly. A place to grow it is better to choose the South side, sheltered from the wind. Tomatoes it is better to plant either early in the morning or in the evening, when the sun is at the Zenith. At the very moment of landing, you first need to dig a pit depth of about 30 cm and half fill them with manure, between the holes to leave a distance of about 45 cm, If the weather is dry, the land must be abundantly moistened. The plant should be removed from the pot, being careful not to break the stem and not to damage the roots. Then put the Bush tomato and sprinkle it with earth so that the first sheet was just above the ground. All planted the tomatoes must be watered. Next to each hive to put the number and you can bind the stems with twine, making the knot the eight, so that the rope dug into him. The growth of the stem of the rope needs to be dressed. After planting, the soil can be proporcionate.