Advice 1: How to plant tomatoes

Nowadays due to severe or adverse environmental situation, each person tries in the presence of land to grow its own. One of the most common crops are tomatoes.
How to plant tomatoes
You will need
  • - seedling
  • - grunt
  • - potassium permanganate
To properly put the tomatoes in the beginning plan the planting site and decide how many early and late varieties will be planted, these varieties are low-growing or tall.
Before planting, make the hole. Depth they should be approximately 20 cm Distance between the holes depends on the variety. For early varieties of tomato, it is sufficient a distance of 20-30 cm in the row, so the bushes are very compact. Late to make the distance between holes in a row 30-50 cm below the Bush in the future is well ventilated.
Once pitted each hole pour, pouring 1-2 liters of water to the land was waterlogged. You can not shed the hole with water and a weak aqueous solution of potassium permanganate. It additionally disinfects the ground.
Expanding seedlings, choose one plant, taking care not to damage the roots, and put in the hole. Early varieties put on a pair of pieces in the hole, late varieties – one plant. Be sure to put plants in the hole at an angle, submerging the root in the moist earth at the bottom of the hole. This will help to sprinkle the plant with earth is stronger Spud is planted in the plant, leading to the formation of additional roots and a positive impact on the future harvest. If you plant tomatoes correctly, some of the seedlings may die.
Covered the hole with a tomato ground, be sure to seal the ground, pressing gently with your fingers on the surface of the hole. This must be done to land in the hole compacted, and the roots faster stuck. Then again pour each plant. After watering, to avoid formation on the surface of the earth crust, sprinkle the surface of the hole with the plant in peat or light earth. Tear off each plant lower leaves, mainly those relating to land.That's all that needs to be done with the right tomato plants.

Advice 2 : How to grow pink tomatoes

Pink tomatoes have a delicate sweet taste and thin skin, it is highly demanding in terms of cultivation, so farming should be strictly adhered to. Almost all varieties grow to giant size, which creates additional work associated with the frequent tying to the trellis.
How to grow pink tomatoes
You will need
  • - potting mix;
  • seeds;
  • - complex mineral fertilizers;
  • - the trellis.
The most common varieties of pink tomatoes: "De Barao pink", "rosy cheeks", "Rosina", "Rosemary", "Tsunami", "Pink giant", "Happiness", "gifts for women". Almost all varieties are medium late maturing. Grow in open ground, do not tolerate drought, improper care prone to cracking.
Before sowing the seeds Bessarabia in a pink solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes, place in a sieve, rinse under running water. Soil for planting should be fertile and easy. The best option is to use a potting mix for seedlings, which they sell in the store for gardeners. If you prepare the soil mix yourself, mix 2 parts topsoil with 1 part river sand, add 1 part peat, 1 part humus, 1 matchbox of wood ash per 10 liters is prepared the right soils.
Central Russia, sowing pink tomato seedlings range from the third decade of March until the second decade of April. Expect sowing to planting tomatoes in a permanent place you had a 50-day strong seedlings.
Meteo pour, cover with plastic wrap. As soon as sprouts appear, put the boxes into a bright place with a temperature of 21 degrees.
To dive down pink tomatoes after appearance of two leaves of distance 20х15 see
During the period of cultivation to feed seedlings twice with liquid complex fertilizers.
How to grow <strong>tomato</strong> pink
Plant pink tomatoes in the open ground after frost Menomonie threats. For an average strip of Russia is the second decade of June. In the greenhouse planting can be produced in the second decade of may. If the greenhouse is heated, it is permissible to transplant in April or seeding directly into the ground.
Care of pink tomatoes is the systematic tying to the trellis, the height of which shall not be less than 1.5 meters, watering, loosening the soil, removal of laterals.
Do not allow drying of the soil. If red tomatoes watered enough 1 time a week, rose will require more frequent watering.
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