You will need
  • - application form for a loan under the mortgage;
  • - passport;
  • - additional documents (INN, SNILS, driver's license, passport);
  • - proof of income (2-NDFL statement, tax Declaration);
  • - documents proving work experience;
  • - certificate of conclusion/termination of the marriage;
  • - documents on the collateral;
  • - other documents requested by the Bank.
From a potential borrower when obtaining a mortgage loan, you will need two sets of documents. This so-called standard package of documents that is suitable for any industry, and directly related to the object of pledge. This files most often as collateral for a loan is a car or a property (apartment, house). Of their value will depend largely on the size of the approved credit limit, and also the chances of a loan. The presence of collateral helps to obtain more favorable terms on interest rates. It also allows you to take credit entrepreneur or business owners that to do so is extremely problematic. The loan secured has one serious drawback is the risk of loss of property or car.
In a typical package of documents under a Deposit include passport, certificate of income (accounting records or returns), copy of work record card and the second document on the choice of the borrower (INN, SNILS, etc.). For business owners also need a certificate of incorporation, and for IP - from egrip. Men under 27 years old will need to show military ID. To obtain loans on the security of citizens of the Russian Federation at the age of 21 years and registered in the regions of presence of the credit institution. Banks must meet their own requirements for the size of the borrower's income and minimum experience on last place of work. Some also require a landline.
When applying for a loan secured on a car, you can obtain loan up to 70% of its appraised value. In this case, it is necessary to provide the Bank with the title (passport technical means) of the vehicle. On one car, you can issue only one loan, i.e. mortgage it several times will not work.
Mortgages can get up to 80% of its value (in practice, usually 50-60%). List of documents mortgaged apartment includes a certificate of ownership and documents, as a result of which they arose (contract of purchase and sale or privatization), cadastral passport, certificate of prescribed persons and about the lack of arrests and encumbrances on the apartment. In this case, if the apartment is registered and the spouse of the borrower, it will require the consent of the collateral. Under the pledge of shares in the ownership of loans are extremely rare. Unless it's a loan for the redemption of the entire apartment.