You will need
  • - application form for a loan;
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and the second document to choose from;
  • - documents that confirm income;
  • - documents proving work experience;
  • - other documents.
The results of any of the loan accompanied by the issuance of application form for a loan. The most convenient method of filling - in the online mode on the Bank website. But you can also fill out a form in writing to any office of Alfa-Bank. The questions you should answer honestly and try not to make mistakes. After all, any failure of the security service of the Bank may calculate the fraud attempt.
To obtain the consumer inappropriate credit cash will require a minimum package of documents. Loan "Fast" for a maximum amount up to 250 thousand. requested the passport and any additional document on a choice (the international passport, insurance, driver's license or card of pension insurance). This loan allows you to quickly get a small amount, but are loyal requirements to the borrower accompanied by an extremely high rate - 37%. Therefore, those who can provide an extensive package of documents, it is better to pay attention to other loan programs.
Cash loan with proof of income allows you to obtain the loan with lower rate of 16.99%. You will need to provide a certificate 2-pit in the last six months. You will also need a passport and one additional document. For payroll clients of the Bank these documents will be sufficient, while for new customers will need to add another document to confirm the solvency. This, for example, a passport with information about recent border crossings, VHI, PTS, certified copy of employment record. This set of documents makes available a loan up to 1 million rubles entrepreneurs and business owners Alfa-Bank. If other banks they are available for confirmation of income statements, then Alfa-Bank will only accept 2-pit.
In car loans, in addition to proof of income, you need to provide evidence of work experience. It needs to be at least 3 months. The borrower will need a copy of the work book. When getting a mortgage you will also need a full package of documents for the co-borrower, which is similar to that offered by the borrower. You will also need specific documents for the acquired property and/or collateral.
Alfa-Bank also actively works in the market of POS-lending (loans in retail outlets for a particular product). Purchase in stores are often made spontaneously, so buyers rarely happens with me all the documents. These loans are given to only one passport, and decisions are made very quickly. But because of high risks, which involves this type of borrowing, it is extremely unfavorable conditions - high overpayment and interest rates. Therefore, a more appropriate is the design of the loans are not directly to retail outlets, and in the Bank providing a full package of documents.