Find out the suitability of your property for collateral on the loan. Most restrictions apply to apartments. Such housing should not be the sole property of the family. It is desirable that the apartment intended bail were not registered at all no one, especially children and disabled persons. Also difficulties may arise in the case if you own only a share in any apartment or house. In this case, it is best to sell your existing property, and instead to buy less, but belong only to you. In this case, you will be able to provide it to the Bank as security.
If you are going to lay a plot, ask if he as your property. You will not be able, for example, to enter into a contract with the Bank, if you have only the right to use the land, but it belongs to the country cooperative. Similar situation with potential collateral car. He must not be under an additional burden, for example, a loan secured myself.
To apply for the loan you need to have a certificate of ownership of potential collateral. The Bank may request from you an evaluation that could cost extra money. Also, you may need a cadastral passport, issued in Bureau of technical inventory.
With the consent of the Bank to give you a loan sign an additional contract relating to the collateral. Note that on the whole lending period for these facilities will be imposed encumbrance, which excludes its sale or exchange without the knowledge of the Bank. The potential heirs in case of death of the person who made the loan, together with its property will receive and the obligation to pay money.