Advice 1: What documents are required for credit

Ability to use borrowed funds borrowed from the Bank, used by many citizens. Popular are consumer loans that allows you to buy expensive appliances or furniture and start to use it immediately, paying a small monthly amount for some time. Loans give the opportunity to make more expensive purchases, like buy a car or apartment.
What documents are required for credit

The required documents that will require the Bank when making any loan

Of course, the loans the Bank issues not out of altruism is one of the main income items of credit institutions, therefore, the Bank needs guarantees of return of not only principal amount but also interest on it. The package of documents, proving your ability to pay each Bank's discretion, given its own risks when granting a particular amount. The composition of the necessary documents, mainly depends on the type of lending.

The documents that you will require is mandatory, include the passport or other document clearly proving your identity. For insurance purposes, as a rule, from you, other than passports may require two more document on a choice: military ID, passport, insurance certificate of the pension Fund, driver's license. But it is a necessary minimum that you just can obtain in store consumer credit for a small amount. When the amount exceeds 50-100 thousand, the necessary documents can be expanded.
In the case when the credit is issued under the pledge of property, you will need to present a certificate on the ownership of the mortgaged property. Valuation, as a rule, the Bank makes itself.

Documents required for obtaining a large Bank loan

When you want to get a large amount of cash, the Bank is entitled to require from you:
- the statement on granting of a loan and a plastic card, which is written according to the model;
- the original and a copy of a passport;
- original and copy of driving license;
- salary certificate for the last 3 months, issued not later than 30 days prior to the presentation;
- reference from last job or copy of employment record;
- pension certificate, if you are a pensioner.
Certificate of absence of debts in other banks you might not need this Bank-borrower can request your credit history.

When you want to obtain a Bank mortgage loan, the requirements are tougher. To verify your identity you will need photocopies of all pages of passport, certificate of employment in form 2-NDFL, given out not later than in a month. A copy must be certified by stamp of the employer. You will also need to submit marriage certificate if you belong to it, or a certificate of dissolution of marriage if you were once married, and also the documents for children if you have children under the age of 18 years. Some banks will also be asked to produce a driver's license or when they are not, the original of the certificate about the absence of disease of psycho's neurological clinic. Be prepared to present a diploma, certificate of education or the vehicle documents, the certificate on the property right to real estate.

Advice 2 : What documents are needed for loans of Alfa Bank

Alfa-Bank is the largest commercial private Bank in Russia. Across the country located 127 offices that offer deposits and lending to individuals, individual entrepreneurs, financial institutions, large and medium-sized businesses and investment banks.
The loan to Alfa Bank
You will need
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • help 2-NDFL;
  • - additional documents.
Alfa-Bank offers ten different types of credit. A Bank apply for the loan in cash. Loan up to 2 mln. R., for a period of up to five years. A significant advantage is the loan without any commissions and guarantors. Rate is calculated on an individual basis, the more documents and information the client provides, the better for him to obtain a loan. To receive the necessary amount of money from the Bank should contact the Department of Alfa-Bank in his or a nearby village or fill and send online application through the website
For registration of a cash loan you should provide a list of documents. It includes General civil passport of the Russian Federation and a certificate of employment in form 2-NDFL, which must include white wages over the past six months. This certificate is valid for one month from the date of issuance. If a client receives a salary on the card or account alpha Bank,providing personal income tax help is required. Additionally, you can provide a valid foreign passport with a stamp confirming a trip abroad during the last year. Also, if you should provide the Bank with a voluntary medical insurance policy, driving license and certificate for the vehicle if it is not less than 4 years. Copy of the employment record need with the relevant requirements.
Alfa-Bank can apply for loans in cash "Quickly". The amount of the loan from 10000 to 250000 R. in order to get the loan, you have to bring to the Bank branch with your passport and a certificate 2-pit with a salary for the last three months. Source of income must not be lower than 8000 roubles When completing the application please be sure to specify a working phone of the personnel Department of the organization, where the labour activity of the client and home phone at the place of residence. There should be no negative credit history.
To obtain a consumer credit in the purchase of large goods, one should approach the consultant at selling point and write a statement. For decoration only need a passport. Most importantly, correctly and competently complete the questionnaire.
Alfa-Bank provides mortgage loans, credit cards, car loans. For all programs registration is required for the standard set of documents when obtaining a loan. Just each have their own nuances and the Bank requires relevant documents.

Advice 3 : What documents are needed for loan to Alfa Bank

Alfa-Bank offers a wide range of credit products.
From the documents provided by the borrower depends on the interest rate and maximum amount of loan.
What documents are needed for loan to Alfa Bank
You will need
  • - application form for a loan;
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and the second document to choose from;
  • - documents that confirm income;
  • - documents proving work experience;
  • - other documents.
The results of any of the loan accompanied by the issuance of application form for a loan. The most convenient method of filling - in the online mode on the Bank website. But you can also fill out a form in writing to any office of Alfa-Bank. The questions you should answer honestly and try not to make mistakes. After all, any failure of the security service of the Bank may calculate the fraud attempt.
To obtain the consumer inappropriate credit cash will require a minimum package of documents. Loan "Fast" for a maximum amount up to 250 thousand. requested the passport and any additional document on a choice (the international passport, insurance, driver's license or card of pension insurance). This loan allows you to quickly get a small amount, but are loyal requirements to the borrower accompanied by an extremely high rate - 37%. Therefore, those who can provide an extensive package of documents, it is better to pay attention to other loan programs.
Cash loan with proof of income allows you to obtain the loan with lower rate of 16.99%. You will need to provide a certificate 2-pit in the last six months. You will also need a passport and one additional document. For payroll clients of the Bank these documents will be sufficient, while for new customers will need to add another document to confirm the solvency. This, for example, a passport with information about recent border crossings, VHI, PTS, certified copy of employment record. This set of documents makes available a loan up to 1 million rubles entrepreneurs and business owners Alfa-Bank. If other banks they are available for confirmation of income statements, then Alfa-Bank will only accept 2-pit.
In car loans, in addition to proof of income, you need to provide evidence of work experience. It needs to be at least 3 months. The borrower will need a copy of the work book. When getting a mortgage you will also need a full package of documents for the co-borrower, which is similar to that offered by the borrower. You will also need specific documents for the acquired property and/or collateral.
Alfa-Bank also actively works in the market of POS-lending (loans in retail outlets for a particular product). Purchase in stores are often made spontaneously, so buyers rarely happens with me all the documents. These loans are given to only one passport, and decisions are made very quickly. But because of high risks, which involves this type of borrowing, it is extremely unfavorable conditions - high overpayment and interest rates. Therefore, a more appropriate is the design of the loans are not directly to retail outlets, and in the Bank providing a full package of documents.
Among the mandatory requirements of Alfa-Bank to issue a loan include the presence of a fixed telephone (desktop and/or home).
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