The required documents that will require the Bank when making any loan

Of course, the loans the Bank issues not out of altruism is one of the main income items of credit institutions, therefore, the Bank needs guarantees of return of not only principal amount but also interest on it. The package of documents, proving your ability to pay each Bank's discretion, given its own risks when granting a particular amount. The composition of the necessary documents, mainly depends on the type of lending.

The documents that you will require is mandatory, include the passport or other document clearly proving your identity. For insurance purposes, as a rule, from you, other than passports may require two more document on a choice: military ID, passport, insurance certificate of the pension Fund, driver's license. But it is a necessary minimum that you just can obtain in store consumer credit for a small amount. When the amount exceeds 50-100 thousand, the necessary documents can be expanded.
In the case when the credit is issued under the pledge of property, you will need to present a certificate on the ownership of the mortgaged property. Valuation, as a rule, the Bank makes itself.

Documents required for obtaining a large Bank loan

When you want to get a large amount of cash, the Bank is entitled to require from you:
- the statement on granting of a loan and a plastic card, which is written according to the model;
- the original and a copy of a passport;
- original and copy of driving license;
- salary certificate for the last 3 months, issued not later than 30 days prior to the presentation;
- reference from last job or copy of employment record;
- pension certificate, if you are a pensioner.
Certificate of absence of debts in other banks you might not need this Bank-borrower can request your credit history.

When you want to obtain a Bank mortgage loan, the requirements are tougher. To verify your identity you will need photocopies of all pages of passport, certificate of employment in form 2-NDFL, given out not later than in a month. A copy must be certified by stamp of the employer. You will also need to submit marriage certificate if you belong to it, or a certificate of dissolution of marriage if you were once married, and also the documents for children if you have children under the age of 18 years. Some banks will also be asked to produce a driver's license or when they are not, the original of the certificate about the absence of disease of psycho's neurological clinic. Be prepared to present a diploma, certificate of education or the vehicle documents, the certificate on the property right to real estate.