TCS Bank is a unique credit organization. It is the only Russian Bank that has no office and provide service to clients mainly on the Internet. Due to the economy, which is obtained at the expense of refusal from the office of service, the Bank can afford a large quantity order of promotional products that have flooded the media and Internet. Of course, TKS declared low interest rates and the availability of loans attracts many who want to receive money easily. But reality does not always meet the sweet promises, which are so generously handing out advertising.
The activities of the Bank of TKS can be called quite successful – in 2013, he received the title "Bank of the year in Russia" according to the specialized publication "The Banker". People who keep their deposits there is nothing to fear – this credit organization participates in the Deposit insurance system and collaborates with the most popular international payment systems MasterCard and Visa. Her high status in the market of banking services is confirmed by Moody's.
Of the credit products the Bank offers to its clients deposits, debit and credit cards. That is, to obtain the loan, you can in the form of a plastic card with a credit limit, which amount can vary depending on frequency of card usage and how regularly you pay your debts. Required monthly payment is not less than 6% of the outstanding amount, in addition, it includes interest and the amount of insurance.
High interest rate, which in reality is much more promised in the advertisement, can be explained by the availability of credit. Offered today credit card "Tinkoff platinum", OneTwoTrip, insurance and All Airline you can get by filling out the application form on the website and then sending the signed agreement, attaching only the scanned pages of your passport. Data on income in this case do not require confirmation, but the Bank still checks them for their channels, including the database of credit histories.