The total package of documents. For credit in the savings Bank, in the first place, you will need a passport with a mark about registration. To get a loan can any citizen of the Russian Federation, having a residence in a region where there is a branch of Sberbank. At the time of registration, you must provide proof of a temporary place of stay.
In addition to a passport, the borrower must have proof of income and a permanent job. The Bank should provide the certificate on form 2-NDFL for last six months. As well as a copy of the work, signed on each sheet by the employer and having the mark that the employee works at the present time. When applying for a loan, the Bank also takes into account additional income.
The provision of income certificate is not required for clients receiving a salary or pension card. Such customers may apply for credit only two documents: passport and additional document confirming their identity. This can be a passport, military ID, insurance pension certificate or the document on the right of control of the vehicle.
When a loan is impossible to do without a properly filled-out questionnaires. The application form can be completed at home by downloading the form from the official site of the savings Bank or at the Bank's office. The questionnaire contains all the information about the borrower: name, passport data, registration data, contact information, data on place of work. Filling it out should be taken responsibly. How reliable the data reflected in the questionnaire depends on the result of consideration of the application.
Additional documents submitted to the Bank depending on the type of loan. To apply for a home loan the borrower must provide the Bank with the required package of documents. In addition, for the mortgage need to have the documents relating to the co-borrowers or guarantors. After approval of the application to the credit institution will be required to provide additional documents: documents on the financed housing and help confirm the presence of down payment.
For registration of loan the borrower need to additionally submit the documents:
- the invoice statement from the dealership or the contract of purchase and sale for the purchased vehicle
- copy of passport of the vehicle,
- CASCO insurance policy,
- the documents confirming the down payment.
For the loan for emergency needs or credit card, it is sufficient to provide in Bank a standard package of documents. In cases where consumer credit is issued under the pledge of property or the guarantee of physical persons, the Bank must bring additional documents:
- passport and certificate of income of the guarantor,
- confirming the ownership of the object of pledge.
The above documents are not final, in some cases, employees of the credit institution may require the borrower to provide additional documentation.