You will need
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • help 2-NDFL;
  • - additional documents.
Alfa-Bank offers ten different types of credit. A Bank apply for the loan in cash. Loan up to 2 mln. R., for a period of up to five years. A significant advantage is the loan without any commissions and guarantors. Rate is calculated on an individual basis, the more documents and information the client provides, the better for him to obtain a loan. To receive the necessary amount of money from the Bank should contact the Department of Alfa-Bank in his or a nearby village or fill and send online application through the website
For registration of a cash loan you should provide a list of documents. It includes General civil passport of the Russian Federation and a certificate of employment in form 2-NDFL, which must include white wages over the past six months. This certificate is valid for one month from the date of issuance. If a client receives a salary on the card or account alpha Bank,providing personal income tax help is required. Additionally, you can provide a valid foreign passport with a stamp confirming a trip abroad during the last year. Also, if you should provide the Bank with a voluntary medical insurance policy, driving license and certificate for the vehicle if it is not less than 4 years. Copy of the employment record need with the relevant requirements.
Alfa-Bank can apply for loans in cash "Quickly". The amount of the loan from 10000 to 250000 R. in order to get the loan, you have to bring to the Bank branch with your passport and a certificate 2-pit with a salary for the last three months. Source of income must not be lower than 8000 roubles When completing the application please be sure to specify a working phone of the personnel Department of the organization, where the labour activity of the client and home phone at the place of residence. There should be no negative credit history.
To obtain a consumer credit in the purchase of large goods, one should approach the consultant at selling point and write a statement. For decoration only need a passport. Most importantly, correctly and competently complete the questionnaire.
Alfa-Bank provides mortgage loans, credit cards, car loans. For all programs registration is required for the standard set of documents when obtaining a loan. Just each have their own nuances and the Bank requires relevant documents.