You will need
  • - experienced children's dentist;
  • - the medical policy of the child;
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - other documents that require at the dental clinic.
The first and very important step is choosing a dental clinic. You can contact the municipal government, where most services are provided free of charge. But if you want you can visit with the child private clinic. In this case, find out if the institution has licensed, and what is its reputation. If you have a friend or a trusted doctor, go to him.
Treatment of caries in children can be accomplished in several ways. The optimum method will depend on the degree of disease and age of the patient. If the child is under two years, and tooth decay is in a very early stage, then the dentist can recommend a method of pokerenlinea. On the affected area will suffer a 30% solution of silver nitrate. The procedure should be repeated 2 more times, observing the one-week interval between sessions. Caries will not spread deep into the tooth, but the application of the solution will appear in the film, which will gradually darken. To get rid of it, will have to wait for the loss of a baby tooth.
If the caries sank only the upper layers of enamel, then a specialist can suggest a method of remineralization. On the surface of the tooth will be coated with a special tool, which includes necessary for a normal condition of the teeth minerals – sodium and calcium. Gradually, the components will penetrate deeper, due to which the tooth will be strengthened. But such a long process, so treatment may take several months.
In the early stages of caries treatment in children by using methods of ozone therapy. Ozone permeates all of the nerve canals and cavity and affects, in which all pathogens are killed and their waste products are destroyed. But if the cause is eliminated cavities, which are bacteria, and the disease itself will take place.
If the decay has started to penetrate deep into the tooth, it is important to stop this process in order to avoid destruction of the root and gums, as well as the destruction of tissue. In this case, the method of depophoresis. It involves the introduction into the dental tissues of hydroxide of copper-calcium, which has a disinfecting effect. This substance is delivered to the cavity and canals of the tooth using an electric current weak discharge. This method is safe and practically painless.
Elimination of dental caries in children, provided the defeat of the deep layers of the tooth is possible only by preparation of carious cavity. The affected area is opened with a drill, then cleaned, and then filled with calcium-containing drugs. After that, the doctor will make the filling.