You will need
  • - insurance policy.
Before visit to the clinic explain to the child in an accessible form, why are you taking him to the doctor. For example, you can say that it helps to save teeth from the evil germs or worms. In any case, do not be fooled child, saying the doctor will do nothing and just watch.
Be sure to feed the baby about an hour before leaving the house. The child is not tired, even before coming to the clinic, select a health facility, which is located closer to your home. If your kid is elevated gag reflex, don't forget to tell the doctor.
Support the child psychologically. Make sure you tell him that you are next to him in Cabinet if he wants to.
If the pain is not bothering the baby, the doctor is likely to recommend powerbrite teeth. Silver will suspend the process of tooth destruction, leaving you to wait until the age when the child will be ready to voluntarily open the mouth and to sit in this position for 15-20 minutes. This procedure is absolute painless and, most importantly, two years of age quite fast.
If the tooth hurts and confirmed the diagnosis of caries, you can offer treatment under General anesthesia. The doctor in this case put the seal efficiently and quickly. However, there are cases when the effects of anesthesia affect the baby's health months or even years.
If you don't want to risk the health of your child, it is likely that you will have to hold it by force while a doctor will treat his teeth under local anesthesia. Yet the consequences of short-term stress much easier to remove than the possible violations of a child's health after anesthesia.
After treatment possible, take the child to the leisure centre, at the children's Park to the zoo. This will help your baby quickly to relax and calm down.
General anesthesia can be output only in extreme situations, if the child refuses any medical manipulation, not allowing the doctor to carry out treatment, risking to lose almost all of their teeth.