You will need
  • - New handles;
  • - screwdrivers;
  • - screwdriver.
Hardware is the most vulnerable part of plastic Windows, but the real period of its operation lower than specified by the manufacturer. Cause of failure of window handles is very often the plastic is low quality, which eventually shrinks and cracks. Also the reason for the replacement may be the destruction of the seats in the rotary mechanism: in this case, the handle will "do" in a circle, not opening the window. The handle can be changed even in the absence of faults in hardware stores very often you can find elegant and quite original grip, is able to make a variety of interior room.
To quickly find the corresponding analogue of the broken knob that must be removed to measure the thickness of the pin, the size of attachment and distance between the mounting bolts. If you are planning to buy components in the cabin plastic Windows, it is better to take a sample. If it was agreed to order replacement handles through the Internet, the choice should be carried out with great care, paying attention to the match overall and mounting dimensions. Although the accessories for plastic Windows is the standard in most cases, the extra reassurance is not superfluous.
Plastic and wooden Windows device handles almost the same. They all have a mounting bar which is fixed on the frame with screws or bolts. In the plastic window mount is the metal housing of a closing mechanism located inside the plastic profile, while the handles are wooden Windows attach directly to the body of the window frame. The handle itself can be detachable: in this case, the handle has a fastening screw that must be unscrewed. The screws by which the handle is mounted to the frame, often covered with decorative cap.
To remove the control, it is necessary to remove the swivel part, which presses the decorative cap. If the withdrawal is not provided, the cover should pry off with a thin screwdriver and rotate 90 degrees to the axis. After access to the locking screws are opened, they need to Unscrew and remove the old item.
If the metal pin has no damage and his form is not broken, this item can not be changed. A new pen is installed in the reverse order of removal, while controlling the position of the lever of the rotating part. In the open position of the lock he should be sent down if the window is closed, the lever should be horizontal.