You will need
  • - chisel;
  • - rubber mallet;
  • - hard spatula;
  • a piece of plastic with a thickness of 1,5-2 see
Gently remove the silicone protection. Carefully read and note the position of each bead.
Insert the chisel in the joint of the frame and a vertical glazing bead, approximately in the middle. Press the bead with a chisel. Using a spatula, klinte in the slit a piece of plastic. Open spatik, helping himself with light mallet blows. Consistently clear the other beadings. The top bead should be removed last, it is necessary to hold the glass. Removing the beadings be very careful and try not to screw it up.
Remove the broken glass and carefully remove the broken glass, preparing the way for the new. Carefully measure the height, thickness and width of glass. Give data on the number of glasses, material of construction, sizes of glass and its options (matte, high impact) to the company for production of Windows and allow the manufacture of new glass.
Put straightening adjustment plate on the lower surface of the lower seam. The number of plates is determined in accordance with the type of your window. The fastening system of the glass may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. To produce proper glass setting, you must strictly follow the instructions of the manufacturer of this glass.
Put the glass on the plate, adjust the shape of the fold, enclosing the required number of strips and insert glass into a fold. Insert the glass should be very careful not to crush the gasket.
Beadings return to their seats, helping with a rubber mallet. With the right connection you will hear a click.