Ask for forgiveness for treason is very difficult, especially if the thing your significant other does not know. Then you will not only apologize but also to tell about this sad event. Choose an appropriate time and place for serious conversation. It is best to give preference to a relaxed home environment. You should not try to make a fancy dinner, to somehow make amends. Nothing should distract you from a conversation with a beloved man.
As soon as you meet, inform your second half that the upcoming talk will be a very difficult and unpleasant. No need to throw out all the stunning information. Start a conversation with, that you really love your loved one and in any case do not want to hurt him, but he needs to know the whole truth.
Next, you have to find the strength to tell about what had made the terrible mistake of deciding to enter into relationship with a perfect stranger for you, but don't want to lose your love, so ready as much as necessary to make amends and restore trust. Try to restrain their emotions, do not give way to tears, not roll tantrums. Now your task is not to make himself the victim, and begging for forgiveness its second half. In addition, there is a possibility that you will have to see tears of pain in the eyes of the one you love.
Reassure loved one or a favorite that will never happen again, but immediately let that take any decision, because they themselves realize that has destroyed their happiness with his own hands. Pressure on the pity from your side is not relevant, just the same as the statement that, come what may will never let it go your love. Truthfully and honestly answer all the questions that you asked. Most likely, you will need not only a statement of fact of betrayal, but also the reasons why you decided to take this action.
Get ready for the fact that your conversation will be over a gap, however, despair is not immediately necessary. Continue to seek meetings with the loved one and to prove to him your feelings, return of trust. Perhaps with time the hurt will subside a bit, and your sincerity will be able to melt the ice in the heart of your second half. Love can survive any trouble and resentment, that's only if it's really for real.