In that case, if you put the sad and as hard as steel fact "I am", remember the most important rule – you must apologize and ask forgiveness. You may now be swamped with perplexities, but we must act that way, and as soon as possible. After all, at the time of the quarrel is not so important, what caused the resentment, but obviously, with this offense something needs to be done. Each of us has a different threshold and different stimuli can cause different strength and pole reaction. What you will be as nothing, for example, muttered "yep" to the question "do you love me?", can be a little tragedy for your wife. So, back to the beginning, apologize as soon as you feel that the situation escalated. Later, when the emotional background subsides, you can all rationally discuss.
Of course, this requires you to be able to discern a real offense from the selfish desire to manipulate you and your resources. The criterion for differentiation is the behavior of your wife in various situations. As a rule, people living a long time under one roof, very good feel and are able to determine the status of your partner.
The further scenario will have to be a ritual of courtship as sincerely apologizing, by default you restore the trust and goodwill of a wife to him.
Common and time-tested way of apology will be presenting bouquet of flowers as token. You can attach a note if you pass a bouquet through courier. But, of course, the rules of etiquette, if you have the opportunity, you need to apologize in a personal conversation.
With regard to the purchase of material assets as atonement for his guilt – a point I leave to your discretion since it is in the nature of the conquest of man to woman and not always worth it to bind to negative emotions.