Faced with this situation, the woman immediately ran to her friend. She begins to accuse boyfriend or husband is that he behaved like a pig. But not getting any easier. Cheating is the same as the betrayal. Of course, trust that person no more. But we should not forget that you need to understand why the partner has committed this vile act.
If the guy is one of the representatives of the "cats in March", it is quite normal behavior. Just not worth it to build a relationship with this type men, it was necessary to think in advance. Well, if the man is a devoted family man, then most likely, he had problems in relationships because genuinely loving person will not do such a thing and not think to hurt the woman. For this situation, we need a conversation that will explain what a burden the partner. But don't go into the details of infidelity, as this will cause even more rage and anger.
After this difficult conversation is to keep your hands to yourself: it is not necessary every time at the right moment to remind him of what happened, because he already admitted his guilt, the more these "reminders" will be the cause of new quarrels and insults. Man undergoing no less of a woman.
Another problem is sexual life. Each time a girl will go to bed, she will haunt that woman cheated on her boyfriend. This can lead to isolation of women and the thought of her inferiority. This problem will be solved with the help of support and care your partner. If you do so, then soon the relationship will get stronger and will be able to bring both partners happiness and limitless pleasure.