To create a bouquet of roses use flowers with long and straight stems. Sure, removing thorns and leaves to the upper third of the stem. At this height you can tie the rose ribbon bows, matching the color to the petals.
The bouquet is desirable to use flowers in one color, it will allow you to obtain a beautiful, delicate floral composition. Contrasting tones and shades will make the bouquet too colorful, and sometimes even lurid. Special care is to combine roses with multicolored petal, they should be ideally suited to each other in shade.
Try to use in the bouquet are different in shape and size, types of flowers. It is not necessary to do a bouquet of only of red big roses. Floral arrangements of different plants look more original and interesting.
It is desirable to have a bright or large flowers in the center and the edges to place small or pale plants. Please note that framing the bouquet of leaves or blossoms don't have too much to hang down. These bouquets are very uncomfortable to transport. Besides, hanging flowers and leaves very quickly astraunauts and lose their attractive appearance.
Using the creation of the bouquet of various herbs, do not add it in too large quantities, so she didn't close the beauty of flowers.
The most interesting bouquets work if you use roses in various stages of dissolution. In one composition look great fully blossomed flowers and dense acute buds. Try not to shoot down all the flowers in a bunch, loose bouquets look much better.
The largest roses are always put in the center of the bouquet. At the same time try to make the heads of the flowers located in different planes. Roses don't have to look at each other, their flowers should be sent to the opposite side. The largest and most lush flowers should be the center of the composition, the rest of the lines should support them, not to argue with them.
Voids in the bouquet, you can fill other small flowers if they fit in color and form. Try not to combine in a bouquet of more than three or four types of flowers, especially if the center of the composition should serve as the roses.
Try to combine in one large bouquet of roses on long stems and small Bush. This combination always looks unusual and attracts attention. In such bouquet it is not necessary to use a lot of greenery, because the amount created by the small spray roses.