Before you make a bouquet, you must make sure that the flowers are fresh. If you do cut the flowers for future bouquets, it is best to do this with a sharp knife in the early morning.
The bouquets are made up of an odd number of flowers. Decide what shape you want to make a bouquet. It can be circular, linear, geometrically incorrect - it all depends on your desire and taste. In the preparation of the bouquet florists recommend to put in the center of the composition are large and bright colors, the edges are pale and small.
You must also consider who the gift. Girls good bouquets of small roses and delicate lilies, the women have decided to give roses deeper tones, as well as tulips, gerberas. For young children especially good bright bouquets of flowers with small buds.
Special attention should be paid to the mens bouquet. It is best to do it the linear form of gladioli, Callas, Anthurium and roses. Designed in strict tone. You should also pay attention to the packaging - it should not be with jewelry and lace. We also do not recommend the use of different bows, ladybirds and butterflies.
In the preparation of the bouquet it is very important to choose the right color scheme. White is a universal colour - it goes perfectly with the palette. Beautifully blue with orange, red with green, purple with yellow. You can make a beautiful transitions. For example roses deep Burgundy color go to pink and then to white.
In the preparation of the bouquet keep in mind that some flowers are fighting each other. For example, carnations roses and daffodils should be placed in the company of other flowers - they are poison. Of these colors it is better to do monovalency. Also the warlike nature of different lilac and violet. And sissy-carnations will not tolerate the neighborhood and even with apples and tomatoes.
In the preparation of the bouquet is of great importance to his design. Add to the colors of the sprigs of greenery, pick up a nice package, which must be in harmony with the bouquet. Don't forget about the jewelry in the form of ribbons and butterflies.
The finished bouquet should be stored in a cool place and in a vase need to add sugar or aspirin. You can also buy in a flower shop a special tool that will help your bouquet stay longer bright and fresh.