Before you start drawing up a bouquet, make sure that the flowers you want to use for these purposes, fresh. It is desirable that they be cut early in the morning - so they last longer in the vase.
Typically, bouquets are made up of an odd number of flowers. Before the formation of the bouquet, must be clear: who will be gifted with flowers? Young girls will suit the composition of roses in gentle colors: pink, white. For Mature women great option would be a rose deep dark red tones, chrysanthemums, lilies. Children fit small bright bunches of tulips or flowers that have small blossoms.
Special attention deserves the bouquet for men. For these bouquets are well suited Calla lilies, roses, orchids, carnations, gladioli, lilies, anthuriums, bamboo, delphinium. The color scheme should be gentle, and intense: white, red, maroon, purple, or blue. When you build the bouquet is better to adhere to strict forms and vertical lines. Also, do not decorate the bouquet with lace packing, colorful bows and butterflies.
Harmonious composition of the bouquet depends on the size of the flowers and their color combinations. Best is a orange with blue, purple with yellow, red with green. With white color you can choose any combination. If the bouquet is voluminous, it will look good transitions: for example red goes to pale pink, and that, in turn, in white.
Certain rules exist to direct the formation of the bouquet. As a rule, the bottom of the bouquet should consist of large and bright colors, the top of smaller and more delicate. Very nice bouquets, which added decorative greenery. Much depends on the packaging - it should enhance, not overshadow the beauty of flowers.
Another important point in the preparation of the bouquet - compatible colors. For example, lilies are harmful for poppies, cornflowers and daisies. Roses do not like the neighborhood with other colors. Also "neighbors" poison lilies, lilies, carnations and daffodils. Of them it is better to make individual bouquets. But sprigs of arborvitae or geranium, on the contrary, contribute to long life of the bouquet.