You will need
  • - red roses;
  • - floral foam;
  • - strawberry;
  • - needles;
  • - toothpicks;
  • feed.
For a start we should cut a heart shape from the floral foam. For flowers you need to choose foam green color, as it really absorbs the liquid. Her flowers will be able to stand as long as possible.
Dip a sponge into water for 20-30 seconds, no more, otherwise she's gonna get soggy. Next apply foam to a tissue to drain excess water.
Cut the rose stems with secateurs, leaving a small feet size literally 5-7 inches. Feet must leave and then paste them into the sponge. The leaves can also be left for further decoration of the heart.
Spread roses on the surface of the sponge, alternately inserting the stems into the foam at a distance from each other of 1-2 cm. Remember – roses should fit snugly to each other, leaving between them gaps.
The remaining leaves on the stems alternately cut and use in the form of side fringing. The sheets were kept, you can pin them together with decorative needles.
Complete bouquet of fruit, making one half of the heart of roses, the other of fruit. For example, well suited for these purposes, strawberry. Attach it to a toothpick and insert alternately in the sponge. As beautiful decoration will be able to serve, and candies, for example truffles. If desired, you can combine them with previously placed around the perimeter of the bouquet of fruit. The main thing - to observe the style of the bouquet and do not overdo it with decorations.
The remaining trimmed the rose stems can also be used for decoration. Cut them in sticks of 5 cm, pre-prepared tie red ribbons 2-3 pieces, and then fixed on the brand side around the perimeter of the heart. The composition is ready! Do not forget to attach to the heart a love note or greeting in the form of postcards.