First of all I want, of course, to say salad vegetables. Data cultivated plants can be planted almost the entire summer season. In addition, you have quite a large selection. For example, you can plant lettuce as well as arugula and watercress. Just keep in mind that planting lettuce in the July heat should be in moist soil. You should also not forget quite often to water their crops if the weather is dry, otherwise, otherwise, the leaves of vegetables will be rough and will start to taste bitter.
Also in July, you can put everyone's favorite dill. This plant is quite much like light and moisture. If it does not heat water, it, like salad vegetables, will start to grobet. If you want the dill grew much faster then before to plant it, pour water with a temperature equal to 50 degrees, about 20 minutes. After this procedure, soak the seeds for 3 days in cool water, do not forget to change it quite often. Because of this dill washed away all the substance that prevent it to grow.
Do not forget about spinach. This plant not only in July but also in August and in September. In other words, until that time, until the snow falls.
In Russia turnips all revered and respected. Unfortunately, this vegetable has lost popularity in Russia, however, it is widely used in Asia, besides, in this country there are many types of the cultivated plants. If you want to plant turnips in July, this should be done not later than the 15th day. Remember that she doesn't like hot weather, and it means that you should not neglect watering it, otherwise in the end you will get a very small and bitter fruits.
Experts believe that red beets can be planted not just once but as many as 3, that is, in the spring, in June and July. Planting this vegetable in the middle of summer, you will have young beets in the fall. When planting, consider the size of the beds: the finer it is, the faster it will ripen the fruits of the plant.
Seedlings of Chinese and Chinese cabbage, and turnips, too, should be planted no later than July 15. Also in mid-summer and can be planted early varieties of cabbage belokochannoy. For growing enough of 50-55 days. As you can see, the holiday season is in full swing!