The author's recommendations of the use of soda in order to lose weight, is unknown. But the psychology of human he was clearly not alien. It is not the first decade of the women maintained an uncompromising war with the superfluous weight, and altace to catch not only big money but also health. And this despite the very affordable alternative to exclude from the menu of harmful products and simple physical exercises. Most people want to lose weight suddenly and permanently without any undue effort, and soda, in their opinion, the best way to achieve the goal.

Why do people drink soda

Among all other means of weight control is sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda) has a number of advantages:

- low cost

- widespread

- chemical properties

The last item should be considered in more detail.

Soda when you use it inside shifts to the alkaline side of the acid-alkaline balance in the body. As a result of contact of baking soda and gastric acid a vigorous reaction occurs, which reduces the aggressiveness of hydrochloric acid and digestion of fats slows down. It is on this aspect indicate the sources offering to drink soda for weight loss. Only the authors of these ideas are often silent about the pitfalls of this method of weight loss.

How soda affects the body

Surely everyone knows that, diluted with water, soda relieves heartburn. It's very simple only at first glance. Doctors do not approve of such violence against the body. In order to understand them, you just need to remember where the baking soda was the most common. Of course it is cooking, and there used baking soda as baking powder.

For example, violent reaction with evolution of gas and foam that occurs when you add the soda in water, acidified with vinegar, you can imagine what happens in the stomach after drinking soda cocktail. Naturally, the acidity is reduced, but suffers from delicate mucous membrane lining the stomach.

Regular use of sodium bicarbonate causes bleeding ulcers on the stomach wall. Due to the slowing down of metabolic processes disturbed lipid metabolism. And nutrients needed for the operation of all systems and organs, not absorbed by the body.

"Acid rebound" - a medical term. This phenomenon will inevitably have to face drinking soda solution for weight loss. Permanent clearing of gastric juice by the alkali becomes a signal to the body to produce high levels of acid. He does not understand that the owner does this in order to lose weight.

The use of soda in medicine

- if sore throat is to rinse

- infections of the respiratory organs for steam inhalation

- for the treatment of wounds as an antiseptic

- as neutralizer for acid burns skin

- intensive care unit of the festivals held in metabolic acidosis