Does soda lose weight

Someone recommends soda inside, advise others to do the bath, others offer a mask with sodium bicarbonate.

Is it possible to lose weight with soda? Yes, you can. It is able in many cases to normalize activity of the gastrointestinal tract, helps remove toxins from the body, accelerates metabolism, increases sweating, well fights cellulite. However, to get the desired effect without harm to their health you need to use soda for weight loss correctly.

Is it possible to lose weight with the help of baking soda inside

On the Internet a lot of information that you can take soda inside to lose weight. Do small amounts of sodium bicarbonate can give a certain effect. It reduces the acidity of the stomach, normalizing the work of digestive organs, helps to better digest food, relieves heartburn. But to lose weight using soda inside unlikely, so still not worth it to drink it on the advice of friends or another useful article.

If you do decide to use a solution of baking soda, then you should consult with a physician gastroenterologist, as low stomach acidity, gastritis, ulcers and other gastrointestinal diseases, it is contraindicated.

How to drink soda to lose weight

Drink soda inside to lose weight to read. Half of glass of warm drinking water taken half a teaspoon of powder. This drink should drink daily before Breakfast throughout the week.

However, acceleration of metabolism, it is better to use other beverages. For example, is to cleanse the body and accelerate the slimming process, you can drink water Sassi, consisting of infusion of two liters of pure water, cucumber, lemon, two tablespoons of ground ginger and lemon. With this drink you can lose weight much more effective than using baking soda if taken inside of two liters in a week.

How to lose weight with the help of baking soda

But still method of weight loss with the help of soda is not so useless as it might seem at first glance. Sodium bicarbonate helps to lose weight, if we take baths with him.

To make a bath with baking soda, you need to add 200 gr of powder and it thoroughly dissolve. Water should not be very hot, about 38-40 degrees. Treatments soda losing weight you need to carry out through the day. Start taking baths should be 5-7 minutes, gradually bringing the time lying in soda water up to 12-15 minutes. The visible effect can be achieved after 10 sessions.

Before a bath with baking soda should take a shower, clean the skin from pollution. Well will enhance the effect soft exfoliating body scrub.

After a bath you need to dry off, RUB the skin with a towel, wear soft cotton clothes and lie down for about half hour warm.

To enhance the effect of weight on a soda can after a bath to apply to the problem areas a warming anti-cellulite cream. It will enhance potowanami effect of soda.

As soda has a drying effect, after all procedures for weight loss, you need to lubricate the skin non-greasy body lotion. It will not give the delicate skin to lose an excessive amount of moisture.

Naturally lose weight with the help of drinking soda, overeating cakes and lying on the couch, is unlikely. So do not forget about the principles of proper nutrition and increase physical activity. The most effective exercise before taking baths for weight loss and soda.

There are many other sources telling about how to lose weight with soda, but you can't believe everything in the word. Before starting procedure, try to look for reviews on trusted sites about the methods of diet soda and consult your doctor.