Of course, soda baths are not a panacea for excess weight. To obtain a significant fat burning effect you need to eat right and exercise. By taking baths with baking soda, the effect will be much faster and more noticeable as they help to accelerate metabolism and increase perspiration.
If you start to take soda bath, after the first procedure you will notice that the muscles are well rested, relaxed, and the condition has become more calm, went swelling, improved skin condition through the revitalization of blood and lymph system.
Soda bath will help to overcome not only the weight, but will make the fight against cellulite easier. Your standard tools from the orange peel, apply after bathing with baking soda for weight loss.
The cost of such cosmetic procedures are also pleasant for any woman, as it hits hard on the wallet, unlike so many other means.
To make a bath with baking soda for weight loss, to add to the water about 200 grams of powder. The bath water should be hot enough to at least 40 degrees, but the temperature in any case should be comfortable enough to hold in the water for 15-20 minutes.
It is advisable to take soda bath daily or every other day courses for 10-15 procedures, starting with 5-7 minutes. Because baking soda has a strong warming effect, it is best to use this remedy for weight loss in the cold season.
Try to take a bath with baking soda in the evening, when the chores won't distract you from the procedure. After a bath take a shower, a good RUB the problem area with a towel, spread if necessary, the belly and thighs anti-cellulite remedy and cover yourself for half an hour in a warm blanket. After taking a bath with baking soda for weight loss it is best, if possible, to go to bed.