Use baths with baking soda

Soda bath in combination with proper nutrition and exercise help to reduce the volume of the body, this improves drainage, and clears the lymphatic system of the body. Baking soda has the property to eliminate harmful substances, so the procedure can be used as a means of addressing the effects of poisoning.
Soda baths are an additional tool for weight loss, but not the main and not the only one.

Baths with baking soda improve drainage in the lymphatic system, so they help get rid of cellulite and are an excellent method of preventing its occurrence. To strengthen anti-cellulite effect it is recommended to add to water essential oils. If you want you can use your favorite bubble bath, sea salt.

Soda baths have a positive effect on the skin, revitalizes it, returns tone, eliminates irritation and inflammation, so they are shown in the dermatitis, allergic skin reactions, seborrhea, dry eczema, fungal infections. These water treatments soothe, relieve muscular and nervous tension, they are effective in fatigue, stress, muscle hypertonus and headaches caused by spasms. Baths with baking soda and table salt to strengthen the nail plate.

Baths for weight loss tighten the skin, rejuvenates and smoothes out, restores skin solid color, softness and elasticity. Treatments significantly improve fluid drainage, so they are useful in disorders of venous circulation and edema. To achieve positive results they must be taken in courses - 10 procedures in a day.

Harm soda bath

Along with the undoubted benefit in some cases soda bath can harm the body. They are strictly contraindicated for people with diabetes mellitus 1-St and 2-nd type, it is impossible to carry out the procedure in inflammatory and catarrhal diseases in the acute stage, (including SARS, influenza).

Too hot baths harmful by overt or covert pathologies of the cardiovascular system, high blood pressure, people suffering from asthma or prone to allergic reactions. The procedure is absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy. With existing gynecological diseases before the procedure. you need to consult your doctor.
Soda baths for varicose veins should be taken only after consultation with the attending physician.

Do not get too often get carried away by bath with baking soda when you have skin problems, it can lead to the opposite effect – the appearance of irritation on the skin and mucous membranes, dryness of skin and flaking, the appearance of edema.