People with hypertension should eat regularly, at the same hours. Excess weight in this disease contributes to the deterioration of the General condition, so it is recommended to lose weight. It is necessary to reduce overall caloric intake, but restricted calorie diets and fasting is contraindicated. It is recommended to eat 4-5 times a day. Dinner should be not later than 1.5-2 hours before bedtime. The diet should be varied and include those of animal, vegetable origin.
People with hypertension should limit salt as excess in the diet leads to edema and improving blood pressure. A day to drink not more than 5 g of salt (a teaspoon without the "roller coaster"), and you should add it only in ready meals. People with high blood pressure recommended salt with low sodium content (e.g., "Preventive"). Insufficient salting or the taste of unsalted food can be improved by adding in a dish of cinnamon, citric acid, cranberries, dill, parsley or cilantro.
To avoid overloading the cardiovascular system, reduce the fluid intake to 1-1. 2 liters a day (including soups, milk, tea, juice, etc.). Should be kept to a minimum or completely eliminate coffee, strong tea. These drinks can cause rapid heartbeat and increase blood pressure. Since hypertension is closely associated with atherosclerosis, to normalize cholesterol metabolism you need to reduce the consumption of animal fats, replacing them with vegetable oils. You should avoid foods containing large quantities of cholesterol (kidneys, liver, brains, egg yolks, fatty meats, etc.).
High blood pressure should limit the amount of sugar, confectionery and pastry. You can not eat fresh bread, pancakes, pancakes, products from fancy and puff pastry. Contraindicated soups of beans, as well as first courses, cooked on meat, fish, mushroom broth, fatty meats (goose, duck, lamb), sausages, smoked products, canned food, fatty, salty and smoked fish. Hypertension can not eat the following foods: salty and fatty cheeses, marinated, salted and pickled vegetables, sorrel, spinach, radishes, radish, mushrooms, onions, fruits with rough fiber, sauces for meat, fish and mushroom broth, pepper, mustard, spicy ketchup, cooking oils. It is necessary to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages and Smoking.