Used oil, though more is not suitable for use in the car, but its lubricating properties are not lost. It can be used for lubricating bicycles, tools, door hinges, locks and even chainsaws, if in the instruction manual it is prohibited.
Waste oil is used for impregnation of railway sleepers to protect them from damage. The farm is exactly the same used oil can be impregnated planks and beams, poles for fences, cellars, low row of wooden buildings, the rough floors. Moreover, to impregnate working not only wood, but also bituminous surface.
The old oil is ideal for fire and to sustain a flame. If the farm regularly accumulate large amounts of waste oil, it makes sense to buy small stoves running on working out. However, note that when testing combustion emits vapours of zinc, lead, manganese and other harmful substances. So in the heat of the old oil skewers to fry, and they heated the room should have good ventilation.
From the experience of foreign firms can be noted a rich experience for processing of oil firms specializing in maintenance of trucks. Drained oil is processed into heating oil, motor fuels, coke or bitumen. The profitability of this production reaches 120%.
To try to recycle the old oil into usable independently, in normal conditions. To do this, take a container and fill it 2/3 of the used oil and bring to a boil. Then pour in a water glass (silicate of calcium or sodium silicate) in the amount of 10% of the available oil. Boil 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Then carefully pour out the product so that the residue left in the old pot. The resulting product is purified oil, it is suitable for reuse.
If you have an old military truck with a diesel engine, the fuel can be diluted with used oil. It should be remembered that the harmful components contained in the old oil to slowly but surely wear out the engine. Therefore, the method is suitable for very old engines, to break which is not a pity. In the United States from the spent oil to produce biodiesel, which are working without problems for many diesel engines. To obtain biodiesel, the oil is mixed with methanol and potassium hydroxide or sodium. After heating to 60 degrees to defend and filtered.
Even if none of the described methods of application of oil is not suitable, it can be simply to hand over in point of reception of old oil for recycling. The last time such points was quite a lot, so to gain money from the sale of unnecessary oil is not difficult. The only drawback is that such places usually only work with large volumes of lubricants.