Provide bed rest. It involves mental and physical rest – this regulates the pressure inside the peritoneum and promotes rapid healing of the ulcer. As soon as the acute pain will disappear, you need to start physical therapy.
Follow a diet. Providing proper nutrition is an important part of treatment is without limitation in the consumption of therapeutic effect may not be as effective. Food should be fresh, enriched with vitamins A, C and B. in the preparation of any dish, consider how the ingredients on the mucous membrane of the affected organ, no salt, smoked, spicy and sharp foods. All food should be warm, is divided into several small portions. Gentle action on the stomach and the duodenum has a liquid and mashed food, no large pieces of food should not be. It is useful to drink milk and eat vegetable fats. Oily fish and meat is not, alcohol and canned food is better to exclude. Allowed to eat fruits and vegetables, you can eat bread, dairy products, cereals, pasta, jelly and sour juices.
Strictly adhere to the diet. Install 6 meals a day regime divide allowed the daily intake of products into 6 parts and follow the schedule. Eat small portions every 2 hours to reduce the acidity of gastric juice. At night can not eat.
Complete physiotherapy treatment. Ultrasound, electrophoresis with anesthetics relieve pain. Microwave treatment and the current treatment gives anti-inflammatory effect. Paraffin baths and UHF stimulate the recovery of mucosa, improve blood circulation. Hydrotherapy relaxes and soothes well.
Make a hot compress. Was compresses can be done at home – on the area of the duodenum intestine is overlaid with a piece of folded several times a gauze soaked in 50% alcohol. On top of the poultice is covered with waterproof paper and a thick layer of cotton wool with a bandage attached to the body.
Use the methods of traditional medicine. Favorable effect on the mucous membrane have herbal infusions of chamomile, plantain, wormwood, cranberry juice. It is useful to drink on an empty stomach two raw eggs.