Traditional cataract treatment

Basically, a cataract is diagnosed in the elderly, since this disease develops over many years and for a long time, does not extradite its presence. So some doctors are often afraid to carry out the operation for cataract in the elderly is complicated by many age-related diseases and high risk of postoperative retinal detachment.

Modern ophthalmologists practice surgical treatment of cataract, considering the good that it is more likely than the development of complications.

Surgical treatment of opacities of the eye lens is a surgery small incision, which does not exceed a few millimeters. After surgery the patient is not even impose seams. Previously, doctors were waiting for the "ripening" of the cataract, to carry out the operation – today it is possible in the early stages of the disease, and the main criterion is the deterioration of the patient. If the health of the person with a cataract do not meet the standards and raises doubts about the safety of surgery, the surgery is either carried out in a multidisciplinary medical clinic with a variety of skilled professionals, either replace it with conservative therapy.

Treatment without surgery

Patient with cataracts who refuse surgery for any reason, you first need to understand that medicinal panacea this disease today does not exist in nature. Conservative medical therapy is selected purely by the attending ophthalmologist individually – no separate appointments eye drops and other wonder-drugs that can supposedly heal the patient, even speech can not be.

Conservative treatment without surgical intervention can not cure cataracts, but it significantly slows down its development.

Drugs prescribed by a doctor is necessary to Supplement vitamin A, which the patient must obtain from vegetables and fruits red or orange – red pepper, carrots, tomatoes, sea buckthorn, oranges, lemons and grapefruits. Also when cataract need to wear high-quality sunglasses with green or blue lenses. In addition, the ophthalmologist should prescribe the patient with cataracts, the special corrective glasses and tell you about the hygiene of the eye, which the patient must be followed.