Is it possible to stop the development of cataracts

At a very early stage of cataract visual disturbances are negligible. Some of the disease can last for years, others a deterioration of the eye is rapid, the lens more and more loses its transparency. In most cases, cataracts develop symptoms, often the patient gets to the doctor only after they have difficulties when distinguishing between parts of objects.

You should know that there are medicines that could restore the transparency of the lens, as this process is an irreversible change of the protein at molecular level. The development of the cataract, only to stop, provided timely initiated treatment at the initial stage of the disease. The disease will not be able to slow, if the patient according to the indications you need to take mytiki, steroid hormones which are often used in the treatment of other eye diseases - glaucoma. A less pronounced negative effect of antidepressants, purine derivatives, diuretics, thyroid hormones, antibiotics several tetracyclines.
Prolonged drug treatment may lead to double load of the healthy eye will contribute to the deterioration of his condition.

How to treat cataracts

In order to pause for cataracts, widely used special eye drops that can slow the process of development of pathology. In fact, this vitamin preparations, they contain, in addition to vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and enzymes. Cataract is often prescribed following medicines: "Quinax", "Sancutary", "Cothrom", "Vitajournal". Their systematic application improves the nutrition of the lens and delays the progression of the disease. To find the right drug needs ophthalmologist, he also has to solve within one term, you must apply this remedy.
In the selection of medication specialist takes into account the nature of the lens opacity, the cause of the disease, accompanying diseases, individual characteristics of the patient.

Since in many cases the cataract develops slowly, often the doctor may recommend as impaired vision, to replace glasses for stronger ones. If the vision is still deteriorating quite quickly, it becomes inevitable operation. This is the only effective method of treatment of the disease. Modern technologies allow to remove a cataract of any maturity. Able-bodied middle-aged people having problems in work and in everyday life due to the development of pathology, in any case can not wait until the process reaches a certain stage, you need to undergo the procedure of surgery.