As they say experienced Lovelace: "you should Not admit to cheating if your second half is no evidence, or you are not caught on hot", but if the facts already made public, people you love, and infidelity was a mistake, is to step over my ego and ask for forgiveness for this shameful incident. It is worth remembering that women more easily forgive cheating, if you see in the eyes of his men true repentance, but with the stronger sex situation is a bit complicated. Men are very difficult to accept the fact that his girlfriend could like someone else, because he's "one and only". If you are dear man, and he dearly loves you, most likely, he will try to forgive you this terrible mistake, and if his self-esteem will win feelings for you, you should let him go and realize that you yourself have destroyed your own happiness.

As a rule, infidelity happen in cases when paired overdue misunderstanding and discontent, or relationships have become so routine that more closely resemble a swamp. Therefore, forgiveness should start with the fact that you really cherish the relationship and still love your partner, but this awkward situation has happened only due to the fact that you just did not have enough affection and attention from its second half. Your loved one or beloved should be a clear sense that you just love him. Followed by a Frank and sincere repentance, during which your partner should see that you are worried that this situation brings you the same misery as him.

When the words about love and its sincere regret has been said, we need to sit down with lover and talk, to try to explain everything, be honest about your affair. If you ask forgiveness of the girls, the next day you need to give her a romantic surprise, or give a great gift, something about what she had long dreamed of. For girls, asking forgiveness from men is also nice option with a surprise and a romantic dinner.

If you have already seen that the heart of your second half melts, to secure the result you need to promise that cheating will never be repeated and his subsequent deeds and actions, you will have a long time to regain trust. The trust will return much harder than to apologize, because you can forgive, but to forget the partner that you are capable of infidelity hardly ever fail, although in some cases the fact of treason, on the contrary, makes lovers more work on relationships and take care of yourself. Therefore, it is better to intensively engage in their own development and not leave partners without attention – it will significantly reduce the chance of a possible betrayal.