Treason is a tragedy that destroys even the most strong family. Orthodox people know how hard it is to love not what his enemy, even his neighbor. Of course, it's not that easy, but if you have God in the soul, quite possibly. Most often, adultery is not the result of love for another person, it is a satanic temptation. Love is a matter of God, but an adultery affair Satan. That's why people need to obey God and to obey his commandments, in order not to fall for this adultery. And, if you break even one commandment, even the smallest, can violate the whole Law of God.
Absolute any marriage Orthodoxy is blessing for love. Although some people think about how Orthodoxy can bless a family in which no true love. In fact, according to Christianity, marriage is designed to people learn to love each other and their children. Learning to love their loved ones, people learn to love other people who surround him. If you and your partner married in a Church or held some other rituals, adultery should be a total ban. There is no commandment which forbids adultery. And this commandment has no caveats and exceptions, giving the opportunity to find at least some excuse after committing the betrayal.
Of course, in each Orthodox family it may happen that a person will be some temptation. And if before him failed to hold, it is worth remembering how he instructed one of the Holy ascetics: "Down – up. Again fall again stand up." And the Lord said: "I'll find you, and judge". And we should do all that the Lord did not catch you when you stumbled and fell. After each drop you need to get up, no matter how strong and dangerous this fall.
Those romantic feelings that I had before marriage, sooner or later will be held. Well, if you love your soulmate is real, even in the case of cooling of feelings it is possible to refuse all the temptations that appear on your life path. This should be done at least a sign of respect to your partner. Yes, cheating is a sin that can hardly be redeemed by prayer. However, if the person decided to embark on the road to reform and never go on a betrayal, rather, his mistake after some time will be forgiven.