Pistachio color gives almost any way the energy, freshness and joy. You don't have to think what color to merge it, since it blends with most shades. It should be noted that the pistachio looks good especially on a blond, but quite tanned girls. The correct shade of that color on them looks very feminine and refreshing, and besides, this color is wonderful and emphasizes the beauty of natural tan. If you have very fair skin, it is acceptable to use this color in clothes, but put it away from your face because it can make your skin greyish and faded.
One of the best color combinations pistachio and white or light beige. Outfits in these shades evoke associations on the resort vacation. White or beige pants in combination with a pistachio jacket will allow you to make a real splash at work.
Pistachio with all shades of pink — another win-win combination. However, it looks best on very young girls. Dress with a vivid print that combines these two colors will make their possessor the Queen of any party. It is very important to choose the right shades of accessories for the image that uses pistachio and pink, poorly-chosen bag could ruin everything.
Pistachio surprisingly well with other shades of green. It looks great with grass green or olive. When connected in a single image, multiple shades of green, it is desirable to use instead of plain fabrics the fabric prints, this will allow more gently to combine different colors. Use neutral shades combining in this case to avoid unnecessary medley and mash.
The combination of rich strawberry color with pistachio suitable for girls with high contrast in appearance. These colors look great if you use things with a complex texture fishnet top, knitted cardigan, skirt crinkled. Don't be afraid to experiment, combining use accessories in neutral shades.
Pistachio color can act not only as the base color of the wardrobe, but also can be used for emphasis. Shoes, scarves, bags this color will make any way, which used muted pastel colors, a bit brighter and more original.