The nuances of pistachio color in the kitchen interior

Pistachio color evokes a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. The interior of the shade to spend a quiet evening, to meet the morning with your favorite, or enjoy great company. Pistachio kitchen is an excellent choice: it will be a marvelous scenery, friendly people to each other and charging them with positive energy.
Pistachio color is often used to design kitchens in the style of shabby-chic, Provence, country, Safari. To abandon it should the fans interior hi-tech, minimalist and modern.

Delicate green tint can be inserted into the interior of the kitchen in different ways. Some prefer pistachio to fill all the space, playing with his colors. Others use it in the floor or walls. Also pistachio color can be used items: pots, curtains, utensils.

When you create a pistachio kitchen designers recommend to follow closely the arrangement of the color accents. The best transition from dark bottom to light top. So the room will look complete and harmonious.

Pistachio kitchen: colors and details

If you are planning to create a monochrome kitchen interior, clearly consider the combination of colors in the future space. Ideal companions pistachio color will be beige, white, brick, brown colors. Not afraid of pale-green hue and bright colors. For example, in pistachio kitchen will perfectly fit the red, orange, yellow details.
Vivid detail will make your kitchen even more warm and Sunny. The main thing – try to maintain harmony and do not use a lot of variegated colors. Then the room will look stylish and spectacular.

In pistachio the interior get along well and items with interesting prints. For example, a rug or pillow in the cell, curtains with flowers, utensils in the strip. When choosing accessories, follow their color scheme. The best option – natural pastel shades. Give up the idea to use saturated colors: blue, purple, lilac. They will bring the interior of unnecessary weight.

Pay special attention to the materials. Pistachio kitchen looks naturally and effectively, so it is not necessary to bring in a lot of metal or plastic. Harmonious interior work, if you choose wood, natural fabrics (linen, cotton), stone. Also welcome details of straw or bamboo (mats, napkins on the table, basket).

If you are hesitant to use a pistachio color for the trim, get the accessories of this hue. For example, the tablecloth, napkins, holders for utensils, jars, etc., Such nuances are a bit transform your kitchen, making it more interesting and comfortable.