Advice 1: What colors the interior combines brick

The brick color is a complex and fickle. Depending on lighting, angle, location, it can look lighter or darker. Because of this quality rarely dare to use in decoration. However, competent approach and the selection of the right "neighbors" will create a spectacular and rich interior.
What colors the interior combines brick

Features brick color

The interior is finished in brick colour is uncommon. The more popular the closest "neighbors" is a complex shade of brown and terracotta. But proper use of brick features, will allow you to create beautiful, warm and cozy room.
The brick color is quite bright and visible: it is perfect for people who love travel, adventure, and leading a busy life. This shade is not as aggressive as red, but not as calm as brown.

The brick color is considered natural. Its naturalness allows you to use the shade for the decoration of almost any room from bathrooms or kitchen to the bedroom and nursery. Brick in the interior looks very rich, elegant, restrained.

The best combination with the brick color

Deciding to use a brick color in the interior, think carefully about the whole design. It is advisable to recreate it on a computer to realize: if you can get along in a very energetic tone. Also using the visualization, you will understand what colors in your opinion, it is better to combine.

This caution is not superfluous. Brick refers to the natural shades so easy to match with many colors. For example, if you want to muffle a little reddish overtones, mix and match the basic tone with brown, sand, dark yellow, white.
The brick color is a permanent companion of the interior in the style loft. The red-brown walls give the room originality and spirit of freedom. This style is characteristic of today's young couples and a lonely, self-confident people.

With its brick interior is perfect combination of wood, massive cabinets, shelves, racks. Also note the forged and glassware. Upholstered furniture should be a status. For example, a black leather sofa or a set of classical style. Padding can also be print: floral or the leopard print.

A spectacular addition to the brick will be Golden. This combination is ideal for a classic interior. For example, pick a matching solid borders, brocade curtains or shining details such as door handles, chandeliers, etc the interior will emphasize your status and material security.

Brick color and experiment. Dare to pair it with turquoise, grass green, emerald, orange and other bright shades. Enter them in the interior, you can use colored parts: frames, pillows, bedspreads, paintings, etc. Such a striking design will create a good mood and perfectly suited to creative types.

Advice 2: What color goes gold

The Golden color in the interior, many associated with wealth and luxury, the clothes with elegance and sophistication. In reality, only carefully chosen elements in the desired color is able to create this impression.
What color goes gold

What colors goes well with the Golden color in the interior

Gold is a rich color, find him a worthy companion - not an easy task. If the room is decorated in light warm tones (beige, peach, gray), making it of gold notes is acceptable, but one should not overdo with their quantity: a few figurines or textile supplies will be enough.

Gold looks incredibly beautiful in combination with chocolate color scheme. If the room has dark brown furniture, Golden Wallpaper, tablecloth and curtains will give the room a special sparkle, accentuate the saturation.

In General, if you decide to freshen up a room with gold Wallpaper, then consider the fact that gold walls, built exclusively with furniture black, beige, gray and brown. If the walls have a neutral living room color, furniture decorated in brown tones, in this case to freshen up the interior by using bring in gold decoration. Arrange them asymmetrically: on the one wall put up picture in a Golden frame, opposite leave "naked".

The most refined looks gold in combination with black, and with a predominance of the second. Matte black walls, beige ceilings and floors, the furniture contrasting with the walls - a great base for art - making in the interior of the gold objects. In this case, the room will perfectly fit the mirror in a Golden frame, Golden curtains with lurex and matching color cushions, pictures and other small decorative items. If you want to give the room freshness, combine gold and turquoise or blue, to emphasize the elegance with purple or cherry.

What color matches the gold color in clothes

The Golden color goes well with many colors, but in the daily way of gold should be minimum: appropriate jewellery, accessories like footwear and bags, scarf, or hat. As for the combinations, one of the winning option is a combination of gold and black. A set composed of a black dress, gold shoes, purse to match the shoes and Burgundy capes are a great option for evening events.

Blue-and-gold ensemble, which is dominated by blue, quite appropriate in a casual manner, and in the evening and the business, and if as a basis to take the blouse or trousers (skirt), classic cut and deep blue color you get feminine official kit.

Nice gold color looks great with purple and all its shades. If you decide to create an image in similar colors, remember that it will only be appropriate at any formal event.

Golden green is an awesome combination. The colors of autumn and summer in one set will always win, and they suit girls of any type, most importantly, choose "your" colors.

If you're daring personality, always loving to be the center of attention, you can combine gold with red outfits. Just remember that the red itself is a bright color, regardless of shade, so the gold image has to be quite a bit. For example, jewelry and shoes, but other accessories is better to choose a neutral color, a great option - beige.

Advice 3: How to combine colors in the interior

Choosing colors for the interior design, people choose the health and mood for several years. So you need to take responsibility for the selection of colors. Interior color should not irritate, strain, and, contrary to harmonize, to restore during the day of power. How to choose the right combination of colors?
How to combine colors in the interior

The interior colors and their combination

The red color in the interior

Red color is ideal for active people, as well as closed, because it affects the Central nervous system and causes a desire to move to achieve your goals. But if you have problems with high blood pressure red use undesirable.

Red is combined with dark green tints: the color of grass, marsh, emerald. Perfect with blue, white, orange, black, Golden yellow and silver color.

Red goes well with brown, purple and brown colors.

To design a modern interior perfect shade of red – terracotta. The crimson shade goes well with beige. The fuchsia color goes well with all shades of Grays, white and yellow. Bright interior will in a combination of red and brick, while the interior must be furniture a dark brown color.

The green color in the interior

The green color soothes, relieves fatigue. It is the color of serenity, peace, hope and development. Green love people with a calm nature who appreciate continuity and do not like to experiment. Green cure heart diseases, asthma, insomnia and poor eyesight.

Popular combinations: green – white – blue, green red, green beige. Also green combined with yellow, light green, blue, black, Burgundy, orange, red.

Green combined with gray, purple and blue.

For registration of modern interior fit dark shades of green: grass, swamp, bright green, olive, khaki. These shades are combined with Burgundy and red, with white, beige, mustard, Nice olive and pistachio shades. Green with fiery red will make the interior very stylish.

Blue and blue color in the interior

Blue and blue – these are the basic unique. The color blue is "cool" a space is considered a business color. The color blue calms, causes drowsiness – suitable for bedroom. Blue and blue lechat gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, insomnia.

Blue goes well with red, gray, Burgundy, gold, beige, ivory color, turquoise and violet.

Not combined the blue color with green, brown, purple.

Blue color goes well with red, orange, blue, light purple, all shades of green, beige, white, grey and black.

Popular color combination of cool blue and warm red.

The purple color in the interior

The purple color calms, awakens intuition, is the color of wisdom and inspiration.

Purple makes the space narrow, depressing, so it is better not to use in pure form.

Dark purple goes well with mustard, grey, beige, brown, ivory, gold, white, pink, orange, yellow.

Purple combined with dark green and red.

A good option for living room: purple with a little bit grey. Furniture can be white or dark brown.

Yellow color in the interior

Yellow is a positive color, it is associated with summer sun, warmth, joy, gold and riches, but has a negative value: represents the anxiety, betrayal, treason. This color prefer very smart people who want to become independent, strong and successful. Yellow is recommended for athletes because it feeds your muscles for vitality. Yellow cures diseases of liver, gall bladder, kidneys, rheumatism, diabetes. Not recommended in neuralgia, and tachycardia.

Yellow goes well with green, white, black, blue, grey, purple, brown.

Yellow combined with purple, blue, pink and Burgundy.

In the interior of the apartment is better not to use yellow in large quantity. The best fit such colors as ocher, corn, gold, pear or mustard. These colors go well with brown, grey, terracotta shades.

Yellow a good color to choose for the decoration of office interior, because it improves mood and team relationships.

Fashionable combination of colors: yellow – blue.

White and black color in the interior

The white color makes the room "cold", gives a sense of superiority.

Black color reduces space and fear.

White goes with all colors and shades.

Black goes well with red, gray, white, yellow and green.

Black cannot be combined with beige, pink and lilac.

Indoors is better to use white shade: ivory linen, cream. Bright white looks good only with dark blue color.

The black color in the interior is the best dose. It is often used in non-residential premises: in the hallway, in the toilet. Black wall perfect for a gallery of paintings, murals.

The interior of individual residential house

The living often take guests. To create a festive mood fit blue, violet, purple colors.

Recommended for sleeping green, pink, gray, beige, blue.

The nursery is better to make out a gray, white, blue, svetlo green. The variety of bright colors negatively affects a child's emotional state. But furniture, linens should be bright.

The kitchen is better to use blue-green or blue. They improve mood and visually expand the space.

For washroom fit very bright colors: turquoise, lilac, pink or blue.

Attic rooms with sloped ceilings are not labeled (walls and ceiling are painted in one color).
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