Features brick color

The interior is finished in brick colour is uncommon. The more popular the closest "neighbors" is a complex shade of brown and terracotta. But proper use of brick features, will allow you to create beautiful, warm and cozy room.
The brick color is quite bright and visible: it is perfect for people who love travel, adventure, and leading a busy life. This shade is not as aggressive as red, but not as calm as brown.

The brick color is considered natural. Its naturalness allows you to use the shade for the decoration of almost any room from bathrooms or kitchen to the bedroom and nursery. Brick in the interior looks very rich, elegant, restrained.

The best combination with the brick color

Deciding to use a brick color in the interior, think carefully about the whole design. It is advisable to recreate it on a computer to realize: if you can get along in a very energetic tone. Also using the visualization, you will understand what colors in your opinion, it is better to combine.

This caution is not superfluous. Brick refers to the natural shades so easy to match with many colors. For example, if you want to muffle a little reddish overtones, mix and match the basic tone with brown, sand, dark yellow, white.
The brick color is a permanent companion of the interior in the style loft. The red-brown walls give the room originality and spirit of freedom. This style is characteristic of today's young couples and a lonely, self-confident people.

With its brick interior is perfect combination of wood, massive cabinets, shelves, racks. Also note the forged and glassware. Upholstered furniture should be a status. For example, a black leather sofa or a set of classical style. Padding can also be print: floral or the leopard print.

A spectacular addition to the brick will be Golden. This combination is ideal for a classic interior. For example, pick a matching solid borders, brocade curtains or shining details such as door handles, chandeliers, etc the interior will emphasize your status and material security.

Brick color and experiment. Dare to pair it with turquoise, grass green, emerald, orange and other bright shades. Enter them in the interior, you can use colored parts: frames, pillows, bedspreads, paintings, etc. Such a striking design will create a good mood and perfectly suited to creative types.