Man, skilled in deception, to expose not so easy. But there is still sufficient signs by which we can understand that the partner is not too reliable. And the first of them - the failure of the promised. A man, who treats relations seriously, lying around, even in small things. Promise to buy bread and forget about it. I will say that I will return from work at seven in the evening and arrive after midnight. Offer to spend the weekend together and disappear without explanation. All these actions very clearly show that the man does not value relations. He was indifferent to the feelings of women, he considered himself virtually free, and hardly ready for family relations. With such a man do not try to build something serious. It will fit only for the role of the coming of a lover in the absence of a truly reliable and honest partner.
The second sign that a man is cheating on his imaginary forgetfulness. Man speaks the truth, it does not remember it. And if a lot of lies, the man will surely get confused. And then it can be caught. If a conversation or fact was in doubt, it is possible to return after some time, for example, in a week. If you have started to emerge new details, the story is very different from the previous, most likely, the man is cheating. If this is not an isolated case, it is worth thinking about whether the relationship in which there is no responsibility to the partner.
To understand that the man is cheating, can the facial expressions. Shifty eyes, looking at the floor, hands in pockets or crossed over your chest - all signs that the partner is not truthful. More accurately it is possible to find out, continuing the unpleasant conversation to his subject. If he got angry, left, stopped to talk, then definitely hiding something.
The absence of men desire to discuss serious issues - further attitudes, feelings, inattentive listening, lack of interest in the possibility to know a woman closer through her Hobbies - all of this suggests that the man is not configured for long term relationships. And this is likely to mean that he would feel entitled to cheat. When a man is not an important woman, he just does not think over his words, forgets what he promises to do, change their plans without consulting her. Sometimes he is cheating unconsciously, not realizing just how important the second half of his words. This lack of seriousness men may be temporary - during the initial stage of relations. And maybe a constant, being one of the properties of his character. It is very important to recognize as early as possible in order to decide whether to continue this relationship.