For treating constipation in babies breastfeeding, it is first necessary to reconsider the diet of the mother. Eat more beets, greens, water, and fiber and prunes. Refrain from foods such as coffee, alcohol, cheese and chocolate. It is useful to make a meal of 2-3 pieces of dried apricots, prunes and some raisins, pour on the night all this yogurt and eat it in the morning. Once the breast milk, these components help to establish the child's gastrointestinal tract.
If a child is on an artificial or mixed feeding, buy formula milk, to prevent constipation and improve digestion baby's. To choose a suitable mix will help the pediatrician.
An important role in the treatment of constipation plays the observance of a day regimen and infant feeding, and proper introduction of complementary foods. Give him more boiled water. Useful here also considered as dill water, and a children's tea with fennel.
Sometimes the cause of constipation in newborns is low physical activity. Try before each feeding to hold baby a simple gymnastic exercises. Lay him on his back and alternately press down to the belly and lower legs. You can perform the exercise "Bicycle": alternately tuck up your belly and one bent at the knee leg.
Often constipation in infants can cause complications: the formation of gas, stomach pain and others. When such symptoms you must take immediate action. Take a small syringe and cut in half, without touching the very tube. Grease it with vegetable oil or baby cream and insert the baby's anus. An alternative to this method is the use of rectal catheters and vent tubes.
After a few minutes, gases and feces should come out. If not, you can use glycerin candles, after talking to the pediatrician. Often doctors prescribe kids "Duphalac". In intestinal colic and flatulence popular with moms use drugs such as "Espumizan", "Plantex" and "SAB Simplex".