Talk to friends or relatives of your partner and discreetly find out what type of women he likes more. If a young man pays special attention to sports girls for achieving the goal, remove your high heels and feminine dresses and buy sneakers and jeans. See you in a new way, youth are unlikely to remain indifferent to you.
Pay special attention to their appearance, because a guymore cute girls fashionable and well-groomed. Keep your hair clean and laid in a stylish hairstyle, and your makeup was not defiant, but only emphasizes the beautiful features of your appearance.
When dealing with a young man, let him tell you about myself as much as possible and do not interrupt his monologues. Become for him an attentive and interested listener, and your chances to make him love me will increase dramatically. Try not to dwell on his personal life, especially if it was you rich and violent — your interlocutor does not need to know this information. Be sociable, joking and try to make your appointments at least a little unusual, for example, gave the guy a souvenir on the day of his birthday or compose a funny poem about your pair.
From your common friends to find out how the young people spend their leisure time, and tell him that you, too, are not averse sometimes to watch a football match or sing karaoke. Even if your hobby is knitting, for the sake of your beloved read articles about football on the Internet or Newspapers, and when the opportunity baubles with his knowledge. As for singing, here, if you do not possess vocal talent, go to the trick and tell what is only dream to learn to sing like him, and ask him to become your teacher. Such a request you will emphasize the high level of his skill in this area that he'll love. Besides, you don't need to invent reasons to meet.
Don't forget to flirt and flirt with the object of your passion. Only use the appropriate situation: parties with friends or corporate events, not lectures at the Institute or meeting at work. You can try another version of the seduction of your choice — specifically start to flirt with another young man in front of him. So the behavior you will likely cause your boyfriend's not only jealousy, but also the desire to invite you to a romantic meeting.