First and foremost, you need to give the man to understand that he is in a relationship. For this reason the woman should give him some questions, the guy needs to understand that his word is decisive.
For a woman to be clingy, the man must experience pleasant feeling when she is near him. After a couple weeks of communication, you can disappear for a few days, so he managed to miss.
Never push a man when solving any tasks or problems. This is especially fraught when it comes to marriage. For a guy it is a basic question, so don't hurry.
A woman should compliment her man, but in moderation. We are talking about how to recognize and respect its virtues. Enough to make a guy a few compliments and he will be able to relax in your presence, and then it simply need. It is very important not to overdo it with praise.
If the girl will win the attention of friends liked her boyfriend, she will be able to achieve much faster him. Friends potential boyfriend would constantly tell him about the girl in a positive way, and gradually he will perceive her in a better light.
The easiest way to get his attention is to pretend to be weak and ask him to solve the problem which the girl could handle herself. After he will deal with a daunting task, it is possible to thank him.
Similar tastes – another trick that will help to win over a guy. This method cannot be called honest, however, it works perfectly. It should be remembered that to imitate the guy should be in moderation, otherwise it will look ridiculous.
If it came to intimacy, you need to give him maximum pleasure. By the girl who takes the initiative in bed, the man just can not go.
The girl should be aware of the fact that the guy should be personal space in which it is better not to meddle. You can't blame him, follow him, get into his business, and generally behave as an avid jealous one. Calm and confidence will help him to penetrate the girl.
Do not try to change a guy, it is simply impossible. A girl that guts radiates light and positive emotions, when it appears, will make him think about what he probably already found a potential life partner.