If you realized that you fell in love with a guy who is not yet reciprocate, start to act. Pro look and say no, as you probably know, that should always be on top. But even if your appearance does not involve any representative of the stronger sex, despair and depression are not necessary. They say that women like caring men. The same applies to guys. They appreciate girls who show concern. Try to become a friend to your lover. Surround him with attention and warmth. If he friends comes to visit you, cook him a delicious lunch or dinner, cook him a coffee and offer tea. He needs to understand that you are a good and Thrifty girl.
Listen to what he says any guy about his former relationship. If there's trust between you, most likely, he for once could say that the passion with which he parted behaved in one way or another. He could, if you speak negatively about some of its habits and behaviour. Listen closely to everything he tells you, and do not repeat the mistakes of others. Always do a mental analysis of how you act in certain situations, think about how to react to your actions young man, and what he did.
When you will be durable and strong friendship, where you will be sure you can try to act. Casually hint him that you would be very happy if you had such a wonderful young man like him. Let him know he has enough good looks and a great personality. Such compliments will make the guy think about that, most likely, you feel for him isn't just a friendly warm feeling. Perhaps he had not considered you as a potential girl, but your flirting will come across it on such thoughts. If you did everything correctly, the man needs to understand that you are indeed a worthy and faithful companion of life. But he you then it is unlikely that they will say. The process starts while only in his head.
The next stage is jealousy. Since your beloved understand that you feel sympathy for him, he may receive a sense of ownership towards you. Now you have only temporarily reduce meeting him or even to abandon them. Tell him that you started Dating a young man, but you are not sure whether you want something more or not. At this point your friend needs to understand that he had the risk of losing you and if he appeared to you some feelings, he will tell you about it.