So, what to do with roses, large quantities of which grow in your garden? It turns out that rose petals can be cooked with a delicious jam. It is prepared as follows: fresh petals rinse thoroughly, put in a jar, then sprinkle with sugar and let stand two or three hours. After that, you need to place the petals in the most suitable container and squeeze the juice from half a lemon. The resulting mixture simmer until thick. To jam from roses really happened, you need to follow the following proportions: five hundred grams of petals are required to add one kilogram of sugar.
Rose petals can be used in cosmetics. Of them are creams, oils and lotions. And something can be done even at home, for example, a mask of rose petals and milk serum mask stretch marks on the chest of rose petals with cream, moisturizing mask made of rose petals and so on. But it is worth noting that for cooking both meals and cosmetic products you can use only those roses that you have grown in your garden. The only way you can be sure that their cultivation is not used any harmful substances.
And what about those roses that have wilted? Designers offer to make the lamp "vegetable stained glass." The lamp itself can be done by yourself or order. It will be a kind of design of wooden slats, like Oriental lamp made from paper and sticks. Only in our case we will use instead of paper laminated glass. The leaves of roses and dried petals should be put on one glass, then squeeze the other, then fasten glass in wooden frame. When you turn on the light it will look very impressive.
Mural of roses. You can make it, if you plan to place a framed picture or photo. It is important to dry the leaves and flowers are not "interrupted" the image. Making panels of roses, remember that large flowers should be no larger than the average image in the photograph. Do not place the flowers symmetrically, otherwise it will look unnatural. To glue the rose buds can be a hot melt adhesive. Dried flowers with stems, glued vertically, will look simple and very beautiful.
Fresh or dried rose will be a nice decoration for gift packaging. The easiest option is to attach the flower to the ribbon, which usually tie up a gift. More roses to decorate the table. For example, a low wide glass vase, fill to the brim with water and put flowers. Another interesting variant is associated with the freezing rose petals. They can put the molds in ice and cover with water. Ice cubes with roses inside will definitely impress your guests.