Internal characteristics

Most often, benthamii work on two-stroke gasoline internal combustion engine, which requires gasoline mixed with mineral or synthetic oil. Two-stroke engines require a proper correlation of proportions of gasoline and oil, so before use it is important to examine the user manual to your model benzotrimmera. More comfortable and silent models are the trimmers with four-stroke engines in which gasoline and oil are bottled in a separate container, mixing inside the unit.
The internal combustion engine is located in the upper part of absolutely all petrol trimmers.

For areas with rough vegetation need to choose a powerful petrol trimmer, the power of which will allow you to use it as a lopper, hoe, and even a snowthrower. There are two types of actuator that rotates the cutting element benzotrimmera – steel cable and a straight shaft with gear. It is advisable to choose a unit with a straight shaft, because it is more reliable than cable in relation to mechanical strength.

Exterior features

Since benzothieno need to work for quite a long time, you should give preference to the more easy Assembly. It should be remembered that after refueling the fuel tank, the weight of the trimmer will increase by 0.5-1.5 kg. For convenience, it is advisable to choose a unit with T-shaped handle, which allows you to hold the trimmer with two hands when mowing large open areas. D-shaped handle is perfect for mowing grass and trimming trees/bushes. For mowing high grass thickets it is better to choose the Assembly with J-shaped handle.
It is very important to choose a petrol trimmer, complete to shoulder strap to facilitate in the operation of the unit stress on the hands.

Also, when choosing benzotrimmera need to give preference to models with additional accessories manufactured by the same firm as the unit itself - they allow the trimmer to perform many other functions for improving the territory. And the last important characteristic is if bingotime will be used for the treatment of a suburban area, it is important to check whether he understands. This is necessary in order to be placed in the trunk of a car and easily transported to the destination.