Think of the bright name for a stand. For example, "Basis security", "company news", "Bulletin of the service staff". The name should be conspicuous and attract the attention of all members of the staff.
The material from which made stand, should enable the timely replacement of information more relevant. Good to use a wooden base and hang flyers with the buttons. It is also convenient to use the magnetic mount on a metal sheet. Be sure to hang it with a stand near the fire extinguisher.
Divide the stand into several thematic sectors. The most prominent place place a safety manual labour and a detailed layout of the fire evacuation staff. Information is also needed from the HR Department according to internal regulations, proper registration statements, granting sick leaves. Here you can hang out the orders of the company on the appointment and rewarding of employees. Allocate space for greetings free happy birthday and other happy events in the life of the team. The warm attitude of the staff always has a positive effect on productivity.
Hang it near the stand first aid kit with first aid (bandages, tape, scissors, iodine, rubber band) and the necessary medications can be taken without prescription. Supply electronic blood pressure monitor, which will enable the employee to independently measure the pressure.
Create the living room a comfortable environment, put in plants, chairs, sofa, coffee machine, water cooler. Put it on the table "Labor code", magazines "health" and "protection" that any person could read these publications when necessary.