Why is actually a dark silver? It's time to stop all the speculation and sort out this issue with the only true scientific point of view.Silver, being a noble metal, active and easily reacts with sulfur contained in the sweat of a person, resulting in formation of chemical compounds, some sulphides, which are tinged metal. The jewelry of silver, from which are made rings, earrings and chains is also a copper, which, in turn, easily interacts with sulfur. As a result of such contact it is oxidized and also cause darkening of silver jewelry.There is a certain correlation of the appearance of silver jewelry from their samples. The higher it is on the products, the less they contain copper, and thus they are less susceptible to oxidation. The highest purity of the precious metal sample 999. However you need to remember that sulfur can cause darkening even the most pure silver. Although the metal contained in the alloy sample is significantly less susceptible to change and oxidize last.In order for silver jewelry it was getting dark and looked cool, you should follow some simple rules. It is necessary to remove them during significant physical activity and sport, during showering and swimming in the sea. Various cosmetic products have a negative impact on silver jewellery. Don't worry if your silver ware was darkened – there are many ways to return it to its original luster, but that's a topic for another conversation. We must not forget that the decoration should give people positive emotions, not to cause concern and nervousness. Let them delight you and others for many years!