Give preference to the classics. Pair of classic pumps black color definitely will come to a blue dress of any style from modest sheath outfit to the complex cut of textured fabric. However, even the most simple shoes, without the abundance of decorative elements can make a beautiful ensemble with an elegant dress. However, if you want to make the image more refined and interesting, you can give preference to black high-heeled shoes, decorated with quality fittings. In combination with a blue dress on the shoes will look good metal light shades, beads "pearl" rhinestones.
Stop your choice on an elegant pair of shoes ecru. Boots this shade is a must-have last season. The color is a delicate blend of yellow, gray and white, often compared with unbleached flax or cotton. However, the blue dress will suit any light-colored shoes. It can be elegant pumps champagne, a massive platform of ivory color, elegant light beige sandals. Lacquer finish leather for added style, but from an abundance of decorative elements should be abandoned.
Build a vivid image contrast. To look was balanced and interesting, you need to place color accents. As they can be not only accessories and jewelry, and shoes. Therefore, the blue dress can be easily worn with shoes in bright colors. The most contrasting colors will be yellow and intense orange. Special attention is given to the combination of blue and brown. Inappropriate at first glance, it creates a single image. Examples of such a successful connection is turquoise and ochre, ultramarine, and cinnamon, blue and chestnut.
Follow the rule of "Caesar", that is, select for blue dress shoes to match. At first glance, this seems like the easiest solution, however, is not so simple. It is important that the hue of the Shoe completely match the tone of the fabric, since blue does not tolerate competition, and two versions of the same color in the image can make it "cheap". However, fashion trends of recent years, linking incongruous elements, leaving the fashion field for experimentation.
Enhance the image of shoes metal. Silver sandals or shoes perfect for blue cocktail or evening dress. Their cold Shine will emphasize the depth and nobility of the Royal color. It is important that the rest of the accessories, such as a clutch, handbag or handbag combined with shoes.