Bright floral print on the dress – a godsend for women who want to look feminine and romantic. Clothing with large or small pattern allows you to stand out from the crowd and automatically attract attention. It is through floral dress can always be different. But it is necessary to replenish your wardrobe with several outfits with a fashionable print as well as make a win-win combination of clothes with shoes and accessories.

What combination of gown with floral pattern

Today in fashion floral total look. As you can guess from the name, this trend involves the use of floral print in several or even all items of clothing, shoes and accessories. For this way do not need to choose one things to achieve harmony. On the contrary, designers are advised to use unexpected combinations of colors and graphics. However, the bold floral total look is not for every day, besides an abundance of bold patterns visually makes the figure bulky.

With proper selection of the ensemble of dress with a floral print would be appropriate in the office and at the party. Depending on the case, you can choose a fitted cocktail dress, sundress easy fit jumper skirt or dress with fluffy skirt, decorated with a pattern. Hollywood stars often wear dresses with floral prints.

Floral prints for many of us associated with summer, so naturally will look to the ensemble of dresses with pattern and lace-up wedges. They can be plain and colored, but then the used colors should match the colors of the colorful outfit. Ideal shoes on the platform of wood or straw-colored, it will make the image truly summer.

In order not to look ridiculous, you should not choose a dress with a print jacket or cardigan with the same pattern. It is best to dilute the image of the solid things in neutral colors.

Rules to wear clothing with flower print

When choosing dresses with floral prints be sure to consider the structure of the figure. For curvy girls will find outfits with small flowers, which are evenly distributed in tissue. If the figure is close to the ideal, you can afford a dress with big roses, violets or irises. To make the image complete help stylish jewelry, plain belt.

When buying a dress with a floral pattern you need to remember that the brighter and bigger the flowers on the fabric, the easier it should be cut. Otherwise you risk to get lost in the background print. To pick up the dress accessories with patterns, but it should be only one detail – the rim, clutch or bracelet to choose from.

Perfectly colorful dresses with accessories and shoes neutral colors – white, beige, gray and black. Bright colors can be used, but they must match the shades present in the print. Floral patterns go well with denim, leather and lace.